Daughter of Crystal Lewis, Izzi Ray Returns with "Self Untitled"

Izzi Ray

Daughter of contemporary Christian artist Crystal Lewis, Izzi Ray has just released her fourth album Self Untitled. The new album is the follow-up to 2017's Liminality.

Ray explains on the significance of the album's titular. "Self Untitled represents the ever changing and complex meaning of who you are. We are never truly done growing and learning as human beings. I have spent the last three years going to therapy regularly to heal old and new wounds, to uncover true motivations, and build new habits."

The songs on this new record are extra special to Ray.  She recounts: "These songs have come from that deep and vulnerable place. I'm not as I wish I was, but I'm not as I once was. I am me, but that's always evolving. I'm so grateful for grace, forgiveness, and the freedom to find my way. Through the last few years I have experienced so much loss and change, but also so many beautiful new births. New life through the concrete. I'm learning about the importance of the here and now, and the power of unconditional love."

Listen to the song "There and Back Again" HERE.


1. There and Back Again

2. Ordinary

3. Hindsight

4. Rain

5. Time

6. Garden

7. Anxious

8. Mindless

9. Whatever Comes 

Born in Southern California and raised in Northwest Montana, Izzi Ray's artistry reflects the contrast in her upbringing. From a sentiment of not knowing where to belong, she creates music aspiring to make beautiful things as reminders to continue to breathe, grow, love, and savor each day. Her diverse musical influences have helped form her own unique style. Drawn to emotional melodies and expressive production, her writing is a breath of fresh air, rich with therapeutic reflections.

To purchase the album, click HERE.




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