New Provocative Film "Gun and A Hotel Bible" is Now Available

Gun and a Hotel Bible

Freestyle DM has released Gosnell & LeBlanc's Gun and a Hotel Bible direct-to-VOD starting January 5th, 2021. Gun and a Hotel Bible, an indie drama, is based on the original play of the same name. Filmmakers Raja Gosnell (The Smurfs, Show Dogs) & Alicia Joy LeBlanc team up to tell this story of infidelity and anger. 

It is a "provocative film" about a man on the verge of a violent act, and his encounter with a personified hotel bible. Starring Bradley GosnellDaniel Floren, and Mia Marcon. This seems like a compelling idea for a play, built around the incredible power of words to help calm people down. But it also seems to be a bit too obsessed with the bible and its words. 

The movie is a 57-minute drama about a man named Peter who is on the verge of killing his ex-girlfriend's current boyfriend, Leo. Peter camps out a hotel to put his plan in action and lay in wait. The only thing that pauses Peter's plan is a personified version of a hotel Bible named Gideon. The pair discuss heavy topics like good versus evil, the existence of God and the meaning of life. Can Gideon change Peter's mind?

The idea of having a personification of a Gideon Bible trying to talk a man out of murdering someone is unique and clever. However, the lackluster script mostly consists of two men in a hotel room talking. Also, although the movie stresses the need for repentance and growing in the Christian faith, viewers don't see Peter change his mind about killing Leo. In fact, the ending remains unresolved. This unresolved ending is rather disappointing and unsatisfying. Available On Demand and through DVD and streaming, GUN AND A HOTEL BIBLE also contains some foul language and lewd references. 

Watch the trailer, HERE.



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