Worship Leader Victoria Davis Speaks About Justice, Revival and Worship

Victoria Davis

With a rise in conversations around racial justice, 2020 has revealed the ways in which injustice still exists. Amidst her grief and a desire for change, rising singer/songwriter Victoria Davis found herself without a relevant song to sing, when a new melody was placed upon her heart. It came at the right time, following years of prompting from the Holy Spirit to write music without being sure what it meant, or just what to say.

Noticing a need for greater diversity onstage at Christian conferences she attended and feeling heartbroken by the news of George Floyd's death, this song came to Victoria organically. Set to release on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, January 18, 2021, "Heart Unfold (Revival)" is a cry for breakthrough in and for the church, to see things the way God sees them.  

Born and raised in Lisbon, Portugal, Victoria's willingness to say "yes" to God's calling on her life led her to San Diego, CA where she completed a bachelor and master's degree in Business Administration. While there, she had the opportunity to lead worship for services attended by thousands of students. Worship ministry has taken her to churches including Saddleback Church and The Rock Church, as well as the east coast. Now back in CA, she's currently involved with Women in Worship and Worship Circle where she enjoys being both a leader and a follower. 

Q: Victoria, thanks for doing this interview with us. You were originally from Portugal, what makes you move to San Diego?

A:  I moved to San Diego for college and graduate school. 

Q: How and when did you feel the call to be a worship leader?

A: My freshman year of college I felt the Lord prompting me to join the chapel worship band even though I had very little experience in music ministry. I auditioned for the freshman band and didn't think I would make it because there were hundreds of students auditioning as well. I prayed and asked God if this was His will that I would make the band and I did. It was from that point forward the Lord began opening more doors in music ministry which eventually led me to being one of the campus worship leaders. At that point I realized that God's desire for me was to be a worship leader. 

Q: You have led worship in many places, can you recall a particular time while leading worship where you felt God in a special way?

A: This is a great question! There was one time I was leading a worship set in front of a large crowd and I was so nervous and insecure I begin to have a panic attack back stage 10 minutes before the service began. Then one of my bandmates prayed with me and I just felt so much peace and all the fear disappeared in that moment. The set went really well and it was a powerful night of worship. I have often struggled with anxiety and God has always met me there with kindness and given me the strength to lead His people. 

Q: You also have a heart for justice which is reflected in your new single, why is justice important?

A: I believe God's kingdom is synonymous with social justice. You can't have one without the other. And it's important to me because it's important to God. Jesus always spent His time with the marginalized. In fact, He emptied himself from the highest position and became lowly like a servant. Emptying His desires and wants to serve a sinful world. And I believe that is an invitation He gives us as His followers. True kingdom is feeding the poor, caring for the lowly and fatherless. It's being the hands and feet to those who are underprivileged in our society. Social justice is a very important and prominent theme in scripture and I felt that it needed more of a space in our Sunday morning worship, which led me to the writing of this song. 

Q: Tell us why you are excited about your new song "Heart Unfold (Revival)."

A: I am excited because it was a song that the Lord gave me one night in a time of prayer. And I truly believe it's His song, that I just get to sing. I believe it's His anthem for us in this season in the church. And I am excited for people to hear it and hopefully be moved into revival. 

Q: What can you tell us about your upcoming EP?

A: I am hoping to release it sometime before the end of the year and thematically I'll be revolving around themes of revival. I believe that God is creating a new chapter for the church after the challenging year we have experienced. And I'm hoping these songs become anthems as we continue to move forward. 

Q: What is the role of worship in your own life and why is worshipping God important?

Worship is a huge part of my personal life. It's often the way I hear the Lord speak to me. I couldn't imagine my life without it. 

I believe worship is important because it gives us the ability to look up when life gets hard. It's a perspective shifter. It makes us realizing who's we are and who we serve. And that our home is in heaven and not here. Worship shows us what truly matters. 



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