Bill Raupp Brings Superheroes and Bible Prophecy Together in New Comic Book "The Tribulation TaskForce"

The Tribulation Taskforce

Star Cross Comics proudly presents their newest comic book release,The Tribulation TaskForce. The Tribulation TaskForce tells the story of a young Hispanic man named Hector. An average young man, Hector gets the surprise of his life when he is chosen by God to form a team to rescue the Apostle John, who is being held captive in Vatican City. The Tribulation TaskForce chronicles their fight against Apollyon, who may the man known as the anti-christ.

Written by Bill Raupp, with art by some of Indie comics' best artists, the is 24 pages of superhero action and fun! Along with the debut issue, there are currently 6 issues set in the Tribulation TaskForce universe, which can be purchased at

Q: Bill, thanks for doing this interview with us. Let's start with yourself: tell us a little about yourself.

Thanks so much ! My name is Bill Raupp, I am the writer and creator of The tribulation Taskforce comic book. series. I am a full time social worker, who works with youth and families and just an all around geek. LOL

Q: How did you become interested in creating a comic book?

I am been collecting comic books for over 30 years. I love superheroes, and I love biblical prophecy. SO I thought why not take the two and create a fun story.

Q: What is your involvement with this comic book?  Do you write or/and draw the pictures too?

I am the writer and crafter of the  Tribulation Taskforce universe. I can't draw to save my life, so I leave that to others!

Q: What is the Tribulation Taskforce about? Is this one book or a series of books?

The soon to come world dictator is on a mission to bring forth the last days before the appointed time. Under a platform of world peace, he uses his position in the United Nations to assemble a team of Super powered warriors to help him achieve his true goal, the destruction of mankind. The hero  GROK, along with The Apostle John (who is still alive), search out the globe's greatest heroes to combat the oncoming threat. Together they will assemble the greatest Superhero force the world has ever seen. They are THE TRIBULATION TASKFORCE! 

The story is told through 3 comic book series: The Tribulation Taskforce, our main team book. Parables, which tells origin and solo stories of our characters. And lastly, Secret Files, which gives character profiles, prose entries and short stories.

Q: Who are some of the major characters?

Our main character is The Apostle. He is the apostle John, who is still living. The ideas was from John 21:22 Jesus said,"If I want [John] to remain alive until I return, what is that to you. In this world, he was captured and held captive in Vatican City. The team's first mission is  to rescue him!

Q: How does this comic book help us as Christians in our walk with the Lord?

 This book was conceived from my love of Prophecy. Prophecy is the thing that proves that bible is real and living. These comics reminds us how majestic, creative and wonderful our God is, and t hat his word WILL be fulfilled!

Q: Where can we access, read, and support this comic book? 

You can find more information at our website  or on facebook:



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