Khare Hawkins Shares How Every Song on His New Album Points Us to Christ's Victory

Khare Hawkins

Khare Hawkins has recently released his new single "He Promised" from his forthcoming album Victory Is Mine. This song is a handclapping, foot-stomping anthem that is a reminder that no matter what comes your way, there's a promise that you will get through it!      

Listen to "He Promised" HERE.

Still riding high from the great success of his previous release "Awesome God", Khare is excited about this new project. Victory Is Mine is a testament to the trials and tribulations Khare has overcome since his last release.  

The album features Le'Andria Johnson, Crystal Aiken, Lawrence Flowers and Brittney Wright.  Khare has partnered with Writerz Blok Music Group for this new venture along with Phillip Bryant as the sole producer.  Bryant is known for hits produced with J.J. Hairston, Crystal Aiken, Lil Mo and more. 

Q: Khare, thank you for doing this interview with us. Let's start with yourself: you are the pastor of God's Way Ministries, tell us about your church and how you became the pastor of the church?

Thank you for allowing me to share. Yes I currently serve as the Pastor of God's Way Ministries in baltimore MD. "An imperfect church , Directing An imperfect people to a Perfect God." The church was founded by my grandmother and she served as the pastor for 27 years. In my book she is one of the smartest leaders I know as she passed the baton to me while living and now I'm able to pastor with her being my help and my Guide Unlike a lot of leaders who don't plan for succession and it's left for people to figure it out and the leader left with out the vision of the founding being able to be passed on properly. 

The face of the church at large is changing so while I've been officially pastoring for two years this pandemic has made it feel like 10 (lol ) ..... I am honored to serve the people God has sent to me. it can be challenging at times there's nothing that brings me more joy!

Q: You are also a musician, how do you balance yourself in these two roles of being a pastor as well as a music artist? 

The grace of God (lol ).... it is very challenging and demanding at times but I have an amazing congregation that gives me the liberty  to travel freely to be an  artist. They support me and push me which always helps . My staff is amazing and if it wasn't for them I wouldn't be able to pursue my musical endeavors.  

Q: On your new album, you have worked with famed producer Phillip Bryant. What is it like working with Phillip? What do you appreciate most about his involvement?

Yes , Working with Phil Bryant has been amazing . He is a producer who can sing so he really pushed me and stretched me vocally beyond what I thought I was capable of doing. I appreciate his ability to bring out the best in all of his artist regardless or  how many times we fuss and tell him we can't he makes us reach our potential and that I'm grateful for . He has been at this music game for a long time so for an indie artist like me I'm truly grateful for the connection . 

Q: Tell us what is your new song "He Promised" about.  Why are you excited about it? 

He promised is literally the scripture in song . Deuteronomy 20:4 says " The lord has gone ahead of you , fighting for you to give you victory against your Enemies " .....the verse goes  "Gods gone ahead of me to destroy my enemies fighting for me total victory that what he promised."

This is song is a pandemic declaration to remind everyone that God has promised us all something. It's easy to get caught up in what we see and what we are going through and loose sight of what God says!!! It's easy to believe that he said it's by his stripes that we are healed when your body is well but can you believe his promise when the odds are not in your favor? This is a song of hope and encouragement to let everyone know that God is fighting for you and victory is your outcome . 

Q: You also have some guests singing with on this new record. Who are they?

Wow , well I called all my friends to help me make this record special and they all graciously agreed (Thank God lol ) ... so this album will feature Le'Andria Johnson, Crystal Aiken, Lawrence Flowers, Maryta Powell and Brittany Wright just to name a few ..... 

Q: What were some of the highlights in the making of this new album?

This time around I wrote a lot of my own music so it was definitely interesting seeing my own personal progress . It was definitely fun to get back in the studio , rehearsing with band/ singers and just the creative process was great . The live session was extremely powerful and I can't wait for the world to hear it . 

Q: How will these new songs encourage us in these difficult times?

The title of the record is called "Victory is Mine." Every song points to victory and hope for a better tomorrow. Even the toughest of warriors needs encouragement from time to time and I feel this record will do just that. It's not a ccm record it's church! It's will definitely have you claping your hands some songs may have you crying while others will have you shouting. I'm truly excited about this body of work and am confident that it will bring encouragement to many.

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