Reece Lache Drops Her Second Single of the Year, "Know Me"

Reece Lache

Arguably one of the most exciting artists in the Christian Hip Hop scene, Reece Laché is an emcee that wants listeners to know that she exists far beyond the music. With the new single, "Know Me", Laché provides a clearer vision into who she is than any record to date. Listen HERE.

Every experience in the Christian-walk is perfect. Joy comes in the morning, but you still have to go through the night. Reece Laché is on a mission to let people know that they are not alone in these times. She is embracing the trials that have brought her from the bayous of Louisiana to the forefront of independent CHH.

Released on March 5, 2021, "Know Me" is an open invitation for listeners to take a deeper dive behind the mic.

"If you don't get to know me, you'll never understand me," states Laché.

With production from Arima, "Know Me" continues fine tuning what is becoming Laché's signature sound...a beautiful blend of melodies, honesty, and hard-hitting 808's. Make sure to peep the video for the single here:

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Song Details

Title: Know Me

Artist: Reece Laché

Release Date: March 5, 2021

Production: Arima

Engineering: Egomi

About Reece Laché

Reece Lache' was born and raised In Louisiana. She realized she was in love with music at the age of 10. Nothing has been able to keep her from it ever since. She began writing poems and songs at the age of 11. Growing up, Reece wasn't the shy type, more like the trouble maker. Her music is based on her journey and real life experiences.

Reece says, "My life is no fairytale and if it ever seems to be It's because of God, not me."



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