29:11 Worship Shares About their Hope to Become "Windows to Heaven"

29:11 Worship

29:11 Worship is a collective of singers, songwriters, musicians and worship leaders who desire to connect our community with the heart of God. Through authentic lyrics, creative melodies, and passionate expression, they seek to cultivate a worship experience that stirs both the heart and spirit of the listener. Having been birthed from a church plant, they faithfully serve their local community at 29:11 Church in Phoenix, Arizona. 

They has just released their new track "Tether" to all digital retail outlets (listen HERE). The multitrack releases also comes with a stripped down piano version and commentary from the team about the track.  "Tether" is a downtempo, hopeful and deep worshipful song perfect for the season that the world is in.  The team shares their heart behind the making of this beautiful anthem. 

We are honored to catch up with 29:11 Worship's Zion Rempel for this exclusive interview.

Q: Thank you for doing this interview with us. Let's start with yourselves: who is Worship 29:11?

Of course! We're honored to share a little bit of our story. The cool thing is, 29:11 Worship is nothing special. We're just a group of people who love God and love his church. As a worship ministry, we're a company of creatives who volunteer in our church community, and have a heart to see the church thrive. We believe the local church is the bridge to reaching a broken world. We want to contribute whatever we can to equip the church to better reach the local community. If what we're writing to encourage our house can encourage anybody else, we're honored by the opportunity! 

Q: What's the significance of your name?

Our name is attributed to our home church, 29:11 Church. But as a body of believers, our name comes from Jeremiah 29:11, which is our mission verse. 
" 'For I know the plans I have for you,' declares the Lord, 'plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you a hope and a future.' " 

During a time of bondage for the Israelites, this prophecy was written to give hope to those in chains. We know so many people in chains around us, right? But Jesus is our hope, and because of what he's done, we know there is a plan, hope, and future for every one of us. Our prayer is that, as a team, everything we do, write, produce or distribute helps people discover the plan, hope and future they have in Jesus. 

Q: How have you been during this pandemic?

Like many, we've been doing a lot of adjusting, and then once we've adjusted, readjusting again. It seems like a never-ending switch board of changes and adjustments that have to be made. But really though, as a church that is only just over six years old, it's been tough. We had to grow up really fast... I mean, streaming was certainly a part of our future. We just had no idea how fast we would have to make that a part of our present, especially on the budget of a church plant. 

As hard as it's been at times though, I feel like this time of COVID has really given our worship community a reset of sorts. There's something so beautiful about stripping it all away- the lights, platforms, projectors, and systems. The result of this pandemic in our worship ministry has been a wave of raw lyric and new vision for the future. I guess you could say, seasons of famine release seasons of harvest. 

Q: I love your new single "Tether," it's such a beautifully written worship ballad. How did this song come about?

We actually wrote the song at a songwriting retreat last January, in the snowy hills of Northern Arizona, We spent some time in a cabin with the intent of writing songs for the next phase of our community. I remember the moment we sat down to complete Tether; all we had was a verse. We sang it through, and the chorus literally just fell out of our spirit. I feel like that's the only way to describe it... it just pouted out of this raw moment together. Instantly, our small team was brought to tears, because it shared so beautifully what all of us were trying to say. it was a holy moment, really. We could've never imagined how relevant this lyric we were scripting would be for the next year we were about to experience. 

Q: There's so much emotions invested in "Tether" yet it has such a theologically rich message. How do you try to complement good theology with great melodies?

Honestly, I think the only way we can explain this is with gratitude to the Holy Spirit. I am so thankful to be on a team where time and space to sit in the presence of God is welcomed- to be patient and not rush the process. It's in these moments, sitting with the Holy Spirit, where I believe the marriage between rich theology and beautiful melody comes to life. We can't take any of the credit for ourselves. 

Q: What can we be looking forward to in the near future? Is there a new album in the works?

This season has provided such great space for us to find clarity for where God is taking us next-  a phase of songs that are honest and authentic, recorded with great rawness and vulnerability. "Tether" is the first release of what we believe to be a new era for us as a worship ministry and a church. So, needless to say, this is only the beginning. 

Q: How do you wish your songs would impact the lives of your listeners?

Our heart and prayer is that the music we write might lead people into holy moments in the presence of God. Life can feel so congested, can it? With so much noise and so many things vying for our attention, at times, it's tough to know where to look. Our hope and prayer is that our music might break through that noise, and give people a glimpse of Heaven. 

We have a prayer around 29:11 that we say weekly: "Lord, make us transparent. Make our team transparent. That everything we do- our lights, lyric, production, and worship- would build a window to Heaven."

We pray the same thing over the songs we release.

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