Abby Malloy's "Light in the Darkness" is Here

Abby Malloy

Abby Malloy has released her much anticipated new EP Light in the Darkness. The record features seven new songs that speak of our hope in god despite the darkness we face. Listen to the title track HERE.

Light in the Darkness started out as the name of an EP before the song "Light in the Darkness" was even written. When Abby started writing the songs for this album, she realized there was so much more to be said than just the simple message it started out as. The songs on this album were written out of a time of grief with a specific purpose in mind --- to bring the light of God into the darkness of the world.

1. Move
2. And Don't Forget (To Love)
3. Follow Through
4. Breakthrough
5. New
6. Wait (Intro)
7. Light in the Darkness 

Abby started playing music at the age of 4, started writing her own music in the 4th grade, and has now recorded with multiple big name artists in the Christian music industry (Maverick City, Brandon Lake, and live recordings with We The Kingdom, Mandisa, Leeland Worship, Dante Bowe, Sinach, and more). Though not all of her songs contain blatant Christian themes, the message is always positive, uplifting, and written to inspire and encourage the listener.

After attending Berklee College of Music in the Fall of 2015 and studying Audio Engineering, she moved to Missouri and pursued music while attending the University of Missouri. During that time she joined a campus ministry as well as ministry leadership, and mentored college girls for 3 years, helping them through the struggles of a college campus as well as their personal spiritual growth.

Her musical career started progressing in the end of 2018, when she felt a kind of fire light inside of her to record songs that she had written during her time in college. Her friends had heard these songs and had already told her they helped them through certain situations, so she wanted to expand her audience. She recorded her first album Breathe in the beginning of 2019. That album was released in August of 2019, and was a catalyst for a Fall/Winter filled with festivals, conferences, and an East Coast Tour that lasted through the month of January.

The theme of this new EP is purely love - and that love is what lightens the darkest of places. She lost her 5-week-old niece, Blakely, in October of 2019, and used music to navigate her grief. This record mainly focuses around God's love for us and how He leads us out of the darkest of places, and Abby hopes this new album will help others recognize that God is still with them when they feel the loneliest, the darkest, and the most hopeless. 


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