Authors Christopher Ash and Steve Midgley Believe that the Gospel is the Answer to the Issue of Anger

Christopher Ash and Steve Midgley

Authors Christopher Ash and Steve Midgley meet a real need with their new book. The Heart of Anger (Crossway) helps readers deal with the issue of anger. The book offers an overview of the overlapping realities of our personal anger, the anger of God, and the anger of others, then examines them through the lens of Scripture. 

The Heart of Anger is written with pastoral sensitivity filled with case studies and real life examples. However, the best part of the book is the solution they offer: it is ultimately only the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ that changes us. The authors show that at the root of anger is our fear of the future, our desire for control, our concern for reputation, and a threat to our sense of worth.  Anger is not caused by the behavior of others but it arises from the evil desires of our heart. Therefore, the ultimate solution is that in order to defuse human anger, Christ needs to give us new desires, new peace, new community, new power, new humbling and a new love.  

"Our problem is not just that we are angry when we ought not to be angry; it is that we are not angry when we ought to be angry." 

"I found myself jotting down quote after quote as I read through this book filled with so much insight into the Scriptures, as well as insight into human behavior. Then I came to the question, 'What can Christ do for our anger that anger management courses cannot?' and in the pages that followed, I realized I had just struck gold-gospel hope for those who recognize the damage anger is doing in their lives and relationships and their need of a source outside themselves to deal with it."
Nancy Guthrie, Bible teacher; author, Even Better than Eden

"This book meets a real need. It gives us a warm, biblical, easily accessible treatment of one of those sins that causes great havoc but is rarely given serious attention. Most of us have suffered the anger of others at one point or another, and most of us can remember times when we failed and lashed out at others. We need to hear what the whole of the Bible has to say about anger, to distinguish between our self-centered anger and God's righteous anger, and to learn strategies to deal with anger in all its forms. Above all, after reading this book, do take the time to work through the immensely practical and helpful appendixes."
Mark D. Thompson, Principal, Moore Theological College

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