Gable Price and Friends Talk About Working with David Leonard, Cory Asbury and Mike Mains on their New EP

Gable Price and Friends

Gable Price and Friends, which is made up of Price, Adam Elizarraraz (Electric Guitar), Cameron Pablo (Guitars), David Funk (Bass/Keys), and Daniel Vargas (Drums), have just released their brand new EP The Boxes Humans Made.  The new EP features the contributions of artists such as Cory Asbury, David Leonard, and Mike Mains.

The new EP comprises of reimagined songs taken from their 2020 album Fractured Heart. The team explains why they needed to reimagine these songs: "There is a lack of closure with our debut album. We love those songs, we love the memories of writing them and having no idea how they would be received. With never getting to tour this release, we feel like there is so much life left on these songs, and aren't quite ready to 'move on.'"


1 Awestruck Revival (Reimagined) [with David Leonard]
2 Repentance (Reimagined) [with Cory Asbury]
3 Demons (Reimagined) [feat. Mike Mains]
4 Heretic (Reimagined)

One of the special guests working with them on this new record is All Sons and Daughter's David Leonard. To Price, working with Leonard was a dream come true. "I remember very specifically being around the age of 14 or 15, mowing the lawns in my neighborhood. I would plug my skull candy headphones into my iPod, and put on the live album from "All Sons & Daughters" and admiring how they wrote their songs, and gorgeous melodies. I remember leading "Great Are You Lord" with my Dad most weekends at church. David's songs taught me a whole lot about breaking out of a sonic box, even as a high schooler.

David has since became a good friend, and a huge voice in the life of the band, and I. He is electric, an unreal performer, and he is joining us on "The Boxes Humans Made"... you aren't even ready"

Bethel Music's Cory Asbury is another esteemed guest on the record. Price reflects on the influence of Asbury and his music while he was growing up. "Everybody's youth camp worship leader icon. I heard of Cory at the first charismatic youth camp I went to. A strictly platonic worship leader man crush was then formed and carried through out my life. Outside of the impact of my dad's worship leading, I would say that Cory had the biggest impact on me as a worship leader growing up. The way Cory wrote and engaged people was unlike anything I'd seen. If a new song came out from Hillsong or Bethel, I would immediately look up on YouTube to see if Cory had done a version of it yet."

As for Mike Mains, Price has nothing but respect for this mentor of his. "I constantly refer to Mike as "My big brother in the industry", or "Uncle Mikey". Not just for the cute factor, but because that's how our relationship feels. When Me or the band is presented with a big opportunity, or roadblock, Mike is almost always the first person I call, and he is always the steady hand, or encouragement in each of those situations

Not only that, but Mike was the first person to ever take me on the road with him. I did a bit of time in summer 2019 traveling with his band "Mike Mains and The Branches" playing guitar. It was that summer that I was able to come alive a lot as a musician, a performer, and honestly as a person. Mike helped me walk through what was possibly the most turbulent time of my faith, and may be one of the main reasons I held onto it."

Watch a preview of the new EP HERE.

You can stream the EP HERE.



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