Carrollton is Calling It Quits After 12 Years


Carrollton is calling it quits after a 12-year stint. After the devastating effects of the pandemic, members of the Christian rock band have decided to go their separate ways. Carrollton has released three albums and three EPs. They are known for top 40 CCM hits such as "Let Love Win," "Tell Me," "Shelter" and "Made for This."

"Just as every season comes to an end there is always a new one on the horizon. Music is part of who we are and for each of us that will have a new meaning. There are new dreams to dream and new paths waiting to be explored. It is with great excitement and sadness to say that 2020 was the end of the road for us."

Nevertheless, the band is grateful to the fans for their enduring support. "We are excited to see whats next, but for this moment we just want to say Thank You. It has been a gift to be Carrollton. For over 12 years you have allowed our songs to be a soundtrack through different seasons of your life. You drove countless miles to see us. You brought us coffee and food. You laughed with us. You prayed with us. The stories you've shared continually remind us why we create music."

Carrollton leaves with a lasting impact on listeners with their unique, soulful sound found in both bold, driving melodies and tender acoustic tracks. Moreover, they have had performed alongside artists such as Lauren Daigle, Jason Gray, and Finding Favour.  

The band reflects: "Carrollton has never been an end in of itself, but a vehicle to use the gifts God has given us to speak truth, show His love, and share our hearts. The friends we've made and experiences we've shared with so many of you are something we'll always treasure. It's been an incredible ride, and we're grateful for every minute. "Beautiful life is found in the journey, in the days in between."

Here's a listen to their hit song "Let Love Win." 




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