The Erwins Offer an Exclusive Chat About their New Album "This is Love"

The Erwins

Southern gospel quartet Keith, Kody, Kris and Katie Erwin, collectively known as the Erwins have been hard at work. They have just completed their upcoming StowTown records album This is Love. Helmed by the label's chief Wayne Haun, the new album features 8 new songs. This new album is the follow-up to 2019 release, What Christmas Really Means, which recently earned a GRAMMY® Award nomination for Best Roots Gospel Album.  

We are honored to be catch up with the Erwins for this exclusive interview.

Q: Thank you so much for doing this interview with us. Congratulations on your recent Grammy Award nomination and your 2020 Dove Award win. These are huge honors, how do they make you feel? 

A lot of emotions-thankfulness, gratefulness, humbled by the recognition, but driven even more to perfect our craft and rededicate our ministry to give our very best for Christ's sake.

Q: What is the vision behind this album?

In our experience, it takes us a few months after recording and performing new songs to see what God is trying to teach us through the lyrics. We are so blessed to personally know the majority of the songwriters on our album, and we're humbled whenever we are trusted to give voice to the lyrics God has given them.

Q: Tell us about "The God I Know." Why are you excited about this song? 

We believe it has the potential of being one of the most powerful songs we have ever recorded. We cannot thank the writers, Kenna West and Jason Cox, enough for the gift of this song. It's an opportunity to boldly proclaim who God is, what He can do, and how we know Him.  

Q: What about "All of My Help"? 

What more can be said about Geron Davis? He wrote the classics "Holy Ground" and "In The Presence of Jehovah" and now he's penned another amazing tune with "All of My Help." We cannot wait to share this song from the stage each and every night! 

Q: Can you pick a song or two off this new record that has had helped you in your walk with God? How has (have) this song(s) helped you specifically? 

When we listen to songs in the demo stage, we hear the potential; then when we confirm we're going to record them, we begin anticipating; and finally, when we hear the tracks come to life, our excitement builds. It's not until we've sung our new songs for a while that we truly recognize how the lyrics will help us personally, and what they will carry us through.

For example, when we recorded our Only Faith Can See album in 2016, we were given so many songs about strengthening our faith, giving burdens to God, and trusting that "the clouds are the dust of His feet." Little did we know we were about to go through Kody's two-month battle with viral meningitis and an accident that totaled our bus. God knit those lyrics in our hearts because WE were the ones who needed to hear them night after night. I'm excited to see how each of these new songs will affect us personally as well as our fans!

Q: Are you guys touring and performing live now? If so, where can our readers read up about your touring agenda? 

Yes! Finally, things have started to open up for us and our 2021 schedule is almost fully booked. You can go to our website,, to see where we'll be performing this year. 



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