Ginny Owens Reflects on the Deeply Personal "Greater Still"

Ginny Owens

Gospel Music Association's 2000 New Artist of the Year Ginny Owens has released another new single, "Greater Still." This new single and her previously released title cut "Sing Hope in the Darkness" are from Owens' much anticipated forthcoming EP. Owens wrote "Greater Still" with Tyrus Morgan and Leslie Jordan. Take a listen to "Greater Still.

Owens talks about how the song came about, "During the past year, I have found incredible comfort in the part of Christian faith that promises us that not only does knowing God mean we are infused with hope and strength in this life - even on our darkest days - but it means that there will be a day when we no longer experience pain, doubt, or loss, when we get to be with God face to face, and know fully, even as we are fully known. (1 Cor. 13:12)

When we trust this truth, it changes everything about how we think and live. We can walk through the world with hope, not fear. We can love and serve, with complete confidence that one day our faith will become sight."

Throughout her career, Owens has won 3 Dove awards and multiple ASCAP Awards. Owens has sold over a million records over the course of her career and she is known for hits such as like "If You Want Me To," "Free" and "I Wanna Be Moved" among others. Owens has released no less than 11 full albums and 3 EPs, and her music has also impacted mainstream audiences at Lilith Fair, the Sundance Film Festival and the White House.



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