Lion and Bear Provide Us with "The Reason" for Rejoicing

Lion and Bear

CCM duo and BEC Recording artist Lion and Bear have just released their new single "The Reason."  This is their second release this year. "The Reason" follows on the heels of their highly acclaimed "Warrior King."

Listen to "The Reason" here 

"The Reason" is based on Psalm 121:1. The song is a timely reminder for us, who are struggling through the pandemic, that God (and not our circumstances) is the reason for our joy. Regardless of how dire our circumstances, we can always rejoice that God is still on his throne. The pulsating beats and Lion and Bear's passionate performance make such an uplifting message even brighter. 

Lion & Bear is a family band from Southern California, comprising of brothers-in-law, Andrew Enos and Michael Landingham. Both men have had  experienced devastating losses followed by a stark realization: most people don't know how to grieve. They fashioned the band from the ashes of their anguish in an effort to find healing and share that healing with others. Lion & Bear, a moniker inspired by the Bible's King David, is an emblem of hope for the weary proclaiming this truth: pain is messy and uncomfortable, but if you go to the depths of your humanity, God will be there. 



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