Ginny Owens Hopes to Lift Our Spirits with New EP and Book

Ginny Owens

Singer, songwriter and author Ginny Owens drops her new EP Sing Hope in the Darkness today. The EP is the accompanying soundtrack to Owens' new book of the same title. Owens has one goal for this new record, she hopes these tunes of worship will lift our spirits to be more courageous for God. 

"Music impacts our lives in beautiful ways," Owens shares on social media. "It lifts our spirits, gives us courage to face the hard things, and moves us in ways nothing else can. It is in music, I think, that we experience something of the magnificence and mystery of God. What do you love about music? How would you explain your feelings for it?" 

Owens released her accompanying book Sing Hope in the Darkness last week. In the book, Owens shows us how the elements of music, prayer, and lament offer rich, vibrant, and joyful communion with Him, especially on the darkest days. The press release elaborates, "Ginny has gained a unique life perspective, as she has lived without sight since age three. She brings rich, biblical teaching that will encourage readers and compel them to dig deep into the beautiful songs, prayers, and poetry of Scripture-the same words through which the people of the Bible flourished in impossible circumstances."

With regards to the book, one reviewer writes, "Even though I am a 73 year retired guy raised in Iowa, she touched "notes" in this book, just like she does in her music, that hit me right between the eyes. I could identify. "Yeah, that's it! That is the emptiness I feel sometimes!" She offers the solution to the fear and the worry and the emptiness by telling us about her faith in a risen Savior, who is also my risen Savior. Like her, I find my faith in Christ does not always make me feel better, or make my problems go away, but He always gives me HOPE." 

Tracklist for the EP:

01. Our Inheritance
02. Sing in the Darkness
03. Greater Still
04. Be Thou My Vision (Light Guiding Me)
05. You Alone



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