Outlaws for the Cross On Bringing a New and Unique Sound to CCM

Outlaws for the Cross

Outlaws for the Cross brings a brand new sound to CCM. They have combined country music with hip hop beats, and they are singing about Jesus and the Gospel. Outlaws For The Cross was founded in 2019 and the duo comprises of Randolph Clay and DJ 3 Nails. They are currently signed to Crucifixion Records and they have just released their self-titled debut album. 

Q: Thanks so much for doing this interview us. Let us begin with yourself, how did you first got involved in music and making music?

3 Nails: Your very welcome thank you for having us. I think for me I always had a love for music as soon as I heard it for the first time , and it was one of those that I was always interested in doing. I first got started pursuing music in grade school with music programs such as chorus.

Randolph Clay: I had a love for music that started back in middle school. I was in band playing the tuba, but even before that I had a love for writing music that didn't fit into what I was raised on listening to. I didn't know much about Christian hip hop then and didn't grow up listening to secular hip hop either but had this love for writing music about God or just issue I had at a young age in life.

Q: Before you were involved in Christian music, you were very active in secular music. Who were some of the secular artists you have had worked with? What was this season of your life like?

Randolph Clay:I never really worked within secular music. I have always been in a Christain house hold and I never had any appeal to take part in the world and the things of it.When I lived in Florida for 2 years I did make music just for fun with friends that wasn't gospel, but I never used vulgarity or sexual content, it was all just in fun. I had just started to learn how to make beats so it was fun to take some of my corny not so hot tracks and just make music. That part of my life was crazy my heart really was after God but through ah lot of hurt and pain I wasn't where I needed to be with God so my life wasn't a light or example To others. As a producer I have  been around multiplatium producers like Choo The Spealizit, Chucky Charles, Dame Grease, Grammy award winning Jeremiah Adkins etc...I had the pleasure of learning alot about mixing and some things with a 2 day sit down with Chucky Charles and he is the most humble man I have meet and thank God he took the time to help me learn and advance as an engineer.

3 Nails: Thats a great question. Yes I was pretty active in the secular music scene every since high school. Some of the artist I've shared the stage with is artists like ABK, Axe Murder Boys, and Blaze from Psychopathic Records as well as Prozak from Strange music but most notably Bone Thugs & Harmony. That season of my life according to the flesh was fantastic but spiritually a nightmare filled with everything you can imagine  of the flesh that separates you from God.

Q: Why then did you decide to sing Christian-themed songs? 

3 Nails: I think for me its because or the love of music. That is something that will never die. The difference being this time we decided to take our talents back and use them to tell people the truth and glorify Jesus Christ.

Randolph Clay:That has always been my calling. I knew it when I was a young man that I was called to do so, so for me it was just a matter of timing for God to move me in it.

Q: How and when was Outlaws for the Cross formed?

Randolph Clay:I basically was like a bro I think we need to do and Ep or somthing together and it just turnt into this whole Outlaws thing.

3 Nails: God had spoken to us and told us he wanted us to put a group together. We decided we wanted to come up with something original and not like anything else being played on the radio. Basically something new for the fans.
Q: How would you describe your sound for your new record?

3 Nails: The sound for the new record is basically to quote the fans unique. We got tired of hearing the same stuff every time you turn on the radio and wanted to give the fans the gospel in a new way musically.

Randolph Clay: It hard to describe for me. God never allowed for me to fit in with the industry sound productions (instrumentals) wise and all, so the sound is definitely different from what most would use in the industry production wise, which also gives a different vibe to the music itself as well.

Q: What were some of the highlights in the making of your new album?

3 Nails: I think for me the major highlights of the album was just coming up with the ideas and writing it as a combined effort. While making sure to listen to the Holy Spirit and asking God what message do you want us to relay in this song.

Randolph Clay: For me being able to work and make really good music that is  miles apart. We finally meet in person the weekend of May 8th and to be able to create music as if we meet in the studio everyday shows the Spirirt of God moving,  and how two people within God's can make something come together so well without being in the same room at all.

Q: How do you hope these new songs will impact the lives of your listeners?

Randolph Clay: For me I want the people to see and hear the story behind each song. Each song goes hand and hand with each other, crazy part is there are several key song that I didn't even realize what they meant to me until God revealed the purpose, He gave through me to write what I wrote. I just want people to see our heart and soul in this music because it tells a small story/of our lives.

3 Nails: I think for me most importanly its that after they listen to this album they know Jesus Christ is King and that God loves them so much that he gave his son for them to so that they could have eternal life. 
Q: Where can our listeners go to learn more about you and your music?

Outlaws: Our music is available on all major music platforms and the fans can always hit us up on any of the major social media platforms as well as on our website at

We also would like to thank you guys for taking the time to do this interview, as well as our fans for supporting us along the way. Most of all we would like to give thanks to God, because without him none of this would be possible. 

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