Here's the Heartwarming Story Behind Andrea Bocelli's "Mamma"

Andrea Bocelli

Andrea Bocelli has released a new lyric video to his song "Mamma,"as a tribute to his own mother, Edi Bocelli. When Edi Bocelli was pregnant with Andrea, doctors advised her to abort baby because of health reasons. However, Edi refused to abort her baby. This has later significantly impacted Andrea's faith and his pro-life stance.

"Mamma" is a popular 1940s song. It was first released on Andrea Bocelli's 2008 album Incanto and has been performed live by the Italian tenor on a number of occasions. However, the new lyric video is brand new, Andrea writes, "We are delighted to present a brand new video to 'Mamma'; the ultimate song of devotion from son to mother." 

On social media, Andrea has written a heartwarming "thank you" to his mother for the decision all those years ago. "To simply tell you "thank you" seems paltry... Flesh of your flesh, fruit of your love, I'd rather say to you: think, mamma, what an adventure we have had, what a wonderful fairytale we have told, from the sown fields and the tractors to the top of the world! Twenty years to twenty years (the age you were when you had me) seems an infinite difference. Today, mamma, twenty years are a sweet and overall minute distance, a space of time that allows us to walk hand in hand, to talk, a little wiser every day, of your amazing life and mine, the one you gave me.

I want to comfort you, mamma: my wish is that the mountain you scaled in life should give way to a gentle stroll on flat ground, to a long, serene and well-earned old age, warmed by the smile of those who owe you life, surrounded by the love that when given - as you did freely, rolling up your sleeves and opening your heart every time - is destined to be returned."

Last year, Andrea released his faith-based record, Believe, via Sugar/Decca Records/Universal Music. He is joined on the record by Alison Krauss, the most awarded singer in Grammy history, for a powerful and emotional rendition of "Amazing Grace."  It follows Bocelli's record-breaking "Music for Hope" performance at Easter from the historic Duomo cathedral in Milan which was watched live by millions around the globe. 

The themes explored in this new recording are deeply personal to Bocelli, who says, "The concept behind Believe is based on three words: faith, hope and charity. These are the three theological virtues of Christianity, yet - quite independently of any religious belief - they are also the three extraordinary keys to giving meaning and completeness to the lives of every one of us."




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