Fans Testify to How Big Daddy Weave's "All Things New" Is Ministering to Them

Big Daddy Weave

Big Daddy Weave has recently released their brand new album "All Things New." Written by Michael Weaver and David Leonard, the song speaks of how God can bring "beauty from the depths of all my pain" and how he "takes this shattered heart and make it beat again." Mike weaver reveals that the song was for his dad as he was fighting pulmonary fibrosis.

The song has been striking a chord with countless fans. Here are some of their testimonies:

"Thank you from the depths of my heart for your song "All Things New". My mother recently passed away, and your song has helped me worship the Lord through the pain of losing her! 

"Mike Weaver and all his fellow artists make me feel so close to God and if I'm down his music is a quick pick me up. God bless you all for that. This world needs more reminders of how much we mean to God!"

"Wow! So raw, vulnerable, broken, and then joyous, restored, and hopeful in the healing power of Jesus's Grace and mercy! I was personally drawn in and moved to my soul by the woman with the stethoscope as I suffered a disabling traumatic injury during a flood as an RN in the OR that tore my brachial plexus of nerves leading to my spinal cord causing CRPS, a Chronic Pain Syndrome, and resulting major Depression.

I now help counsel after the loss of 2 cousins and my pastor's son at the Mental Health Community of Hope people with MH issues , Depression, Chemical Dependency and Addiction and have joined Davepettigrew in his MNW Ministry of There is Hope! Great video Big Daddy Weave!! I know you are performing with Davepettigrew in the next weeks and I hope lives are changed for God's Kingdom!" 

"I love u guys u sure get the message to my heart I blast it everytime I hear yall and i have ur cd's that I play over an over the lord is so awesome and powerful u guys r my favorite christian artist LOVE TO U ALL." 

Big Daddy Weave will be headlining the "All Things New" tour with special guest and newcomer Anne Wilson. The 25-city All Things New tour, presented by World Vision and promoted by Transparent Productions, will kick off on September 22nd and conclude on November 14th. 

The list of tour dates is below:
September 22 - Wooster, OH
September 23 - Greenwich, CT
September 24 - Ocean City, NJ
September 25 - York, PA
September 26 - Martinsburg, WV
October 6 - Greensburg, PA
October 7 - New Castle, DE
October 8 - Durham, NC
October 9 - Jacksonville, NC
October 10 - Rock Hill, SC
October 20 - Elizabethtown, KY
October 21 - Clarksville, TN
October 23 - Meridian, MS
October 24 - Marietta, GA
November 10 - Fort Smith, AR
November 11 - Jackson, MO
November 12 - Quincy, IL
November 13 - Dundee Township, IL
November 14 - Heath, OH
*An additional five shows will be added in South Florida 



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