Worship Songs for Father's Day

Father's Day

June is a special month because we get to celebrate Father's Day. In Scripture, one of the ways God has revealed himself to us is that he is our Father. Father's Day is a time we get to give thanks to God the father for his providence, care, love, mercy, compassion, and unconditional grace. Father's day is a great time for us to reaffirm our relationship with God as Father. It is also a time for the men in our churches  to embrace their own identity with God as their Father and ultimate role model.  

In order to help us worship God our utltimate Father, we have selected 5 worship songs. The song by Cody Carnes encourages us to return to the Father,  while Cory Asbury gives explicit details of what it means to dwell under his care. Lincoln Brewster's "Let Me Love You" allows us to let go of our own efforts and allow the Father to embrace and love us. CeCe Winans and 10,000 Fathers' songs avail opportunities for us to give thanks to God for his greatness and love.

1. Cody Carnes "Run to the Father"

2. Cory Asbury's "The Father's House"

3. Lincoln Brewster "Let Me Love You"

4. CeCe Winans "Goodness of God"

5. 10,000 Fathers "Thank You for Fathering Me"

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