Michael Gungor Equates Jesus with Buddha and Muhammad in Controversial Post


Michael Gungor of the music duo Gungor has stirred controversy over social media yesterday. Gungor wrote on Instagram that Jesus, Buddha, and Muhammad are all Christs. He wrote: "Jesus was Christ. Buddha was Christ. Muhammad was Christ. Christ is a word for the Universe seeing itself. You are Christ. We are the body of Christ."

Gungor also wrote: "People who think worshipping gods from non-Christian traditions is cultural appropriation are assuming that those gods aren't real. They think they are woke, but it's really just echoed Christian colonialism." 

One of the most outspoken critic is worship leader Sean Feucht who not only disagreed with Gungor's universalistic claims, but he also warned about the dangers of wrong theology. "These statements are never how it begins, but it is always how it ends. I have seen SO MANY gifted, anointed creatives slowly fade into delusion without anyone caring enough to call them out along the way. It's time for this insanity to stop in the church, in Nashville and throughout the music industry!"

Another reader has rightly pointed out that Gungor's claims about Christ do not make sense. "It sounds smart but this statement is actually saying nothing. When everything is of the highest value and importance, nothing is valuable or important. Might as well just say "there is no Christ". I think that would be a more honest statement than "everything is Christ"." 

Another fan questioned. "Honest question: Is "stirring up" the primary objective when you post? You're gifted at kicking thoughts that might otherwise lay dormant but I don't want to assume that you do or don't truly believe everything you say."

Gungor is happy to discuss his posts on Instagram today. "I'm happy that my post from yesterday is stirring up so much conversation about a topic that I think is really important. I'm going to do an Instagram live at 3pm central to talk about it and take questions. My Instagram handle is @michaelgungor."

Michael Gungor also known as Vishnu Dass is part of the musical collective Gungor, which received multiple Grammy nominations. They have released worship anthems such as "Beautiful Things," "Dry Bones," and "Please Be My Strength."  

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