Exclusive Song Premiere: Kenna Turner West "There is No Condemnation"

Kenna Turner West

For years, Kenna Turner West has been known as the songwriter behinds songs that have been recorded by artists such as Jason Crabb, Hillary Scott,  The Martins, The Crabb Family, The Isaacs, and many more. On August 27, West is stepping up to release her full-length debut for Sonlite Records with A Reason For Hopenow available for pre-order, add or save.

As a preview for this much anticipated album, West has partnered with us to premiere the song "There is No Condmenation" (click HERE to listen). Here is what West has to say about the song, "I was privileged to write the song, "No Condemnation," with two of my best friends-Sue Smith and Don Poythress. I have known Sue for almost 40 years, and Don and I have attended the same church for 30 years, so ours is a special friendship which allows us as songwriters to chase ideas that go deep into our own hearts.

Before a co-writing session last year, I was sharing how the enemy loves to discourage Christians. For example-one minute, he might tempt a Christian to fear, and then a minute later, condemn them for their unbelief. I have experienced that very thing, and I still remember what a dear friend shared with me from God's Word: 'There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus' (Romans 8:1, KJV)."

I began to cry as I recalled the peace of God that settled over my heart when I heard His promise, and Don said, "Let's write that." And we did. We created a storyline for two different people who are in Christ but are pressed beneath the weight of condemnation from the enemy. The song is our way of reminding Believers that it was for freedom that Christ has set us free, and that while the Holy Spirit convicts, He never condemns. I absolutely love the message of this song! It is my 86-year old father's favorite song on the project."  

Recorded at Crossroads Studios with a top shelf team led by award-winning producer Jeff CollinsA Reason For Hope locates itself on the forward-looking side of today's Southern Gospel musical spectrum, its tasteful blend of contemporary arrangements and production frequently incorporating elements of Inspirational Christian, as well as touches of Country, Pop and even African-American gospel sounds.  

Pre-order, add or save A Reason For Hope HERE.

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