Listen to Saddleback Worship's Brand New Single "I'm Coming Alive"

Saddleback Worship

Saddleback Worship is back with their brand new album "I'm Coming Alive." The song, which was written by Josh Miller, Jyro LaVilla, Andres Ferreira and Nikki Holguin, is from their forthcoming album that will be released later this year. In a world full of distractions, "I'm Coming Alive" is a reminder that God's voice is louder than the noise amidst the chaos. He is always present in the struggles we face and He listens to the cries of our hearts. 

The team reveals, "This song is a prayer of surrender. A reminder that the voice of Jesus transcends above the noise amidst the chaos we face. His presence is always a promise - and it's there where we truly come alive."

   Saddleback Worship is a community of worshipers serving Saddleback Church, with locations spread across four continents. Recording their music in Southern California, the team is prayerful in their efforts to put pen to paper and to capture what God is saying in their community. Saddleback Worship is a diverse group of members and exists to point every heart to the name above every name - the name of Jesus. 

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