Exclusive Song Premiere: Mark Bishop's "Prophet Admiration"

Mark Bishop

Award-winning Gospel singer, songwriter, and producer Mark Bishop will be releasing his brand new album Some Distant Mountain next Friday (Sept 24). On this new record, Bishop explores the roots of American music and its origins in Celtic, European, and African traditional music. 

Driven by an overarching theme of perseverance, the album itself resonates with the power of the moment we are in. Having emerged shaken and transformed by life in a pandemic, each track on Some Distant Mountain reads like a love letter from the past, steeped in wisdom and experience from those who came before.  

One of the album's highlights is the song "Prophet Admiration." When first envisioning the roots-centered album that would eventually become Some Distant Mountain, Mark Bishop knew that "Prophet Admiration" would be on the track list. He first learned it through his friend David Marshall, who originally recorded the track with his family in the 70s. "I love David Marshall's clawhammer-style banjo," says Bishop, heard cheerfully emulated by David Johnson in this new recording.

Despite the album's overarching theme of perseverance through hardship, Bishop didn't want Some Distant Mountain to feel too dour. "I just love the joy that this song exudes." He views worshipping the Gospel as primarily an act of joy and jubilation -- the same joy and jubilation he feels in the words and melody of "Prophet Admiration."

You can listen to "Prophet Admiration" by clicking HERE  

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You can check out our interview with Mark Bishop HERE.

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