Internet Influencer and Christian Artist Joseph Solomon Admits He is No Longer a Christian

Joseph Solomon

Poet, speaker, singer-songwriter and YouTube content creator Joseph Solomon announces that he is no longer a Christian, Solomon is most recognized from the YouTube channel, chaseGodtv, which has attracted millions of views on videos addressing Christian doctrine and application for youth and young adults. 

Recently, he posted on social media, "It took a lot of people by surprise when I posted something on Twitter and reposted a screenshot of it on my Instagram," he said. The tweet read: "I'm not a Christian. Maybe I'll explain that further at some point on a podcast or something, but I'm really in no rush. I figured I'd at least just set context for any inquiring minds..." 

One of the reasons he rejected Christianity is he could not understand why God is a God of wrath. "The assumption that God must be a god of wrath (and all supporting earthly comparative metaphors) seems to be the linchpin for the rest of the christian gospel to begin to make sense. it all hangs on first assuming violence is a true, obvious, necessary, & inevitable trait of God. Why *must* god be wrathful/violent? we imagine that goodness and justice is possible without wrath. can't help but wonder if that also impedes our ability to imagine functional justice systems that do not hinge on violence. or maybe *our* justice impedes our assumptions of god... "

Though Solomon claims he is no longer a Christian, he says he is not an atheist either. "Though i'm now very careful/cautious/hesitant about publicly discussing the details of where i'm at in my current faith journey, i do want to reaffirm you that atheism is not the only likely alternative to christian faith. for some reason, some seem to assume that."

Solomon grew up in a Christian household. His father was a church elder and his mother played piano in their Texas church. He travels the country speaking on these topics featured on chaseGodtv, as well as performing poetry and music. He received a bachelor's degree in Speech Communication from The University of Texas at Tyler, and is a recent resident of Chicago, IL. He has had the privilege of being a speaker and performer at the Legacy Conference Disciple-Making Conference, P4CM's Rhetoric, the Freedom Tour, the Poets In Autumn Tour, and many churches and college campuses around the country. He serves locally with Legacy Christian Fellowship in Chicago, and GRIP Outreach for Youth, a non-profit organization serving Chicago's fatherless teens. 



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