Adam Comer Opens Up About Opioid Addiction & the New Docu-Film "The Forgotten Pandemic"

Adam Comer

New faith-based docu-film The Forgotten Pandemic has just been released. Created by S2L Studios, this compelling documentary sheds light on how opioid addiction has quietly become a pandemic. This film shows the darkness related to addiction and sheds light with stories of hope and recovered individuals. The Forgotten Pandemic is a 40 minute, short documentary featuring doctors, EMTs, pastors, counselors, family members, and leaders in recovery sharing their personal stories of freedom.  

The film features counselors, pastors, leaders, doctors, former clients, and notables such as Zach WilliamsMark Hall from Casting Crowns, and Knoxville Mayor/former pro-wrestler Glenn Jacobs.

We are honored to be able to catch up with Pastor Adam Comer, CEO of S2L Recovery for this exclusive interview

Q: Adam, thank you for doing this interview with us. Tell us what is S2L Recovery about?

A: You are welcome.  It is an honor to talk with you today.  S2l Recovery is a Christ Centered, state licensed, and joint commission accredited residential addiction recovery facility for men.  We focus on Biblical principles that God shares with us in His Word to proclaim freedom from addiction, which is a contrast from the secular ideologies that declare "Once an addict, always an addict."  To be clear though, when we say say Christ Centered, that is exactly what we mean, and contrary to most people's understanding, we have a medical doctor on staff, nurses, clinicians, and utilize these resources in our process.

Q: When and why did you develop a passion to help people with addiction issues? 

A: Over a decade ago, my life was ravaged by addiction, and I had tried everything,  I had tried every approach that I knew was available to help with my addiction: secular rehabs, AA/NA meetings, etc. and I found myself falling back into relapse after relapse.  It wasn't until I found S2l Recovery a decade ago that tI found freedom in Christ.  And yes, if you are connecting the dots, the same place that I walked into to find freedom from addiction, God has me leading.

Q: Why do you think secular ways (such as the 12-step program) of helping those with addiction problems do not work?

A: Because addiction is not a surprise to God, and our identity in Christ is of the upmost importance.  Psychology 101 tells us that if you tell a little girl she is ugly over and over, she will grow up to believe that she is ugly.  In the same way, choosing to identify yourself as an alcoholic/drug addict will have the same effect.  12 step programs fail to focus on our true identity, as sons and daughters made in the Imago Dei - the image of God.  

Q: How are faith-based programs different?

A: I would say faith based, Christ Centered programs are different because we address the root cause of addiction being fundamentally spiritual.  We have found that our decisions to run to drugs or alcohol is rooted in deeper heart issues that only God can deliver us from.  When we approach the issue of addiction as primarily a spiritual issue, we are able to lead men to God's healing and restorative power to deliver men from the sinful desires that leave us more broken than when we started.

Q: Why did you decide to make the docu-film "The Forgotten Pandemic"? 

A:  We felt that God was calling us to be a voice in the wilderness, and to equip the capital C "Church" to deal with an issue that we believe has been passed over by the Body of Christ, and desired to call the Church to action when it comes to addressing the issue of addiction.  In the midst of a pandemic, we felt the Lord asking us to be obedient to the call of creating a documentary to illustrate the reality of drug and alcohol addiction with a Biblical Worldview.

Q: What were some of the major highlights in the making of this film?

A: Getting to meet the people that we met in this process, whether it be Zach Williams, Mark Hall, or other pastors/directors that have found freedom from addiction.  It is always encouraging to know that we are not alone in this fight, and we found this to be true through the process of creating The Forgotten Pandemic. (THEFORGOTTENPANDEMIC.COM)

Q: What can our readers do when they have friends or relatives who are struggling with addiction issues?

A: Make it as hard as possible for them to stay in a life of addiction and as easy as possible for them to walk into a place of recovery.  Pray.  Reach out for help.  We are firm believers that the prayers of the righteous are powerful and effective, and there are countless testimonies we have seen when it comes to the fruit of a mother's or father's or loved one's prayers for the man who struggled with addiction.  Find a place that will teach them what the Word of God says, and if you want it to be us, you can find more information at

Q: What do you think is God's role in the healing process of people with addiction issues?

A: From nothing, burst forth everything because He spoke.  I would say that God is the primary role in the healing process of people with addiction issues, not the secondary.  He must be the primary focus if we are to experience true freedom from a life of addiction.  In our curriculum, located in 2 Peter, we read that "we can escape the corruption that is in the world because of sinful desire." We believe that God has given us everything that we need in His Word to find true and forever freedom from addiction.  You can find resources that are rooted in Biblical truth at  

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