Benny Dichiara & Empowered Announce Free Fan Appreciation Concert

Benny DiChiara

Benny Dichiara and Empowered are offering to perform a free concert for their fans at St. Francisville, Louisiana's historic Hemingbough Plantation on Nov. 18. The concert, which starts at 7:00 p.m., is being presented by media sponsor Rock It Right Entertainment, along with general sponsors LA Post Group, GRP Productions, Baker Printing, and Exclusive Homes by CW. 

"One week before Thanksgiving, we're excited to come together with families and friends and lift our voices to the King of Kings." says DiChiara. "This concert means so much to us, as the band launches forward off the release of our latest radio single, "I'll Meet You There (Daddy's Song)," DiChiara continues. "We'd like to thank each and every one of you for the love and support that you've shown us over the years. Only God can show up like this, and we do not take that lightly. We pray His peace comes out of this to touch people for whatever they need."

During the concert, the band will also be recording live footage to be included in the official music video for the band's current single, "I'll Meet You There (Daddy's Song)," DiChiara's poignant, personal, and inspiring tribute to his late father. This tender tribute will resonate with all those who have faced grief and loss. 

"'Ï'll Met You There" is an emotional song for me," says DiChiara. "But although there was pain when Daddy passed away, the joy that comes with knowing that he is in heaven is much greater. We can have joy in our sorrows, especially when God is in it." 

"After my dad passed away from cancer in October of 2020, initially, there was that 'sting.' The confusion, some anger, the loss," continues DiChiara, who co-wrote the song with its producer, Dove nominee Mikey Howard (7eventh Time Down with Love Journey Music). "Oh, but for the love of God! He steps in and gives us hope and joy in the midst of it all! I knew that my Daddy was going to heaven since he had accepted Jesus as his Savior. So I know that I'll see him again. This is how 'I'll Meet You There (Daddy's Song)' was born. Our prayer is that this song delivers the hope, joy, and comfort that only comes from God." 

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