The Sing Team Enlists the Help of John Mark McMillan for "All I Want for Christmas is You"

The Sing Team

Singer-songwriter John Mark McMillan lends his powerful vocals to The Sing Team's unique cover of "All I Want for Christmas is You." Slowing down the tempo to express the yearning and longing expressions of the song's message, the group's latest Integrity Music single is a must-hear. The track is taken from The Sing Team's latest album The Last Christmas on Earth.

Brian Eichelberger from The Sing Team writes, "I've always wanted to do a version of the song that feels the way the lyric sounds... longing, yearning, missing the comfort of loved ones," he says.

Telling the story in a new way and providing some cathartic nostalgia to this Christmas season, you can listen to the song below. The Sing Team address the overwhelming feelings brought by the social and commercial expectations of this time of year and encourage us to remember the precious advent season as a time of spiritual renewal and intentional pursuit of the voice of Christ in our midst. 

"For the believer, Christ's spirit and presence is always with and in us, yet we often find ourselves distracted enough to not receive the gifts of grace freely and generously offered to us," Brian adds. "'All I Want For Christmas Is You' is for the earnest, overwhelmed, and hurting, in need of a reminder that God's presence is a source of true peace."

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