New Husband and Wife Duo Bringing Home Brings Hope with "To the Ones"

Bringing Home

New Gospel duo Amber and Jared Russell also known as Bringing Home releases a new single, "To The Ones," which is now available on all digital platforms. Based out of a little southern Illinois town of Norris City, Bringing Home was formed in late 2012.The music from Bringing Home speaks of God's forgiveness and his willingness to uplift you above all of your struggles.

"Possibly one of the most important songs we have written, 'To The Ones' was written as a call out to the world," say Amber and Jared Russell, who founded Bringing Home. "The song is a cry from the Father's heart declaring to us, 'I see You.'"

"We, as humans, have all faced hardships at different times in our lives and we're all in need of saving. When no one else understands and life is more than we can bear, our prayer is that God will remind you that He has never left your side. He came in pursuit of you. He can break the chains that keep us shackled and restore hope to those who have none."

"To The Ones" follows the release of "Waiting," which charted at No. 3 at CRC Weekly and No. 7 at CRC Monthly earlier this year. The band's name, explains Amber Russell, is derived from Peter's words in 1 Peter.

"Our eternal home is waiting for us and we are just passing through this world," she says. "Heaven is a place where we will never know pain again, the loss of a loved one, or the hurt of a broken heart. It is a place that will forever contain hope and peace, qualities that, unfortunately, our world lacks. There is chaos on every corner and we weren't meant to live like this."

"This world is in desperate need of a Savior and a hope and that's what Bringing Home is all about," says Jared Russell, the band's lead singer. "The music of Bringing Home speaks of God's forgiveness and His willingness to uplift you above all of your struggles.

"God can take what we have written and make it go so much further than we could ever take it," he adds. "It is only through Him that we are able to do this."

To learn more about Bringing Home, visit, and follow the band on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.





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