ICF Worship Reinvents Their Hugely Popular Album "Choose to Worship"

ICF Worship

Swedish worship band ICF Worship has decided to re-visit their hugely popular Integrity Music album Choose to Praise. On Choose To Praise (Reinvented), they have decided to re-record the songs without vocals but accompanied with a new re-imagind sound. Exploring an array of genres such as chill hop, energetic electro and even some elements of trop house, the newly recorded album is stunningly refreshing. A general ambient feel runs through the ten-track project making it the perfect album to listen to and meditate on as we wind down and end the year.

Choose to Praise  isn't only the album's title but also a conscious statement: a deep longing to worship God is closely connected to the current events, which not only presented the ICF Worship team, but also our society and thus the entire church landscape with massive challenges in the past year. ICF Worship's answer to the current crisis --- when the world is upside down and the loss of a loved one plunges us into sadness and grief --- is "Choose to Praise."  

Excitingly, ICF Worship will also be releasing the reinvented album as an NFT through and will auction 50 to 100 animated album covers as well as a special video message withe each album purchase! As ICF Worship aim to write songs that speak the gospel beyond church walls, the opportunity to delve into the NFT sphere is an interesting one! The fresh approach on Choose To Praise (Reinvented) still shares the powerful and courageous message that choosing to worship God is always worthwhile in all circumstances. 


1. Choose To Praise [Instrumental Remix]

2. Here Is My Heart [Instrumental Remix]

3. Creation Sings [Instrumental Remix ]

4. In My Midnight [Instrumental Remix ]  

5. Love Goes On [Instrumental Remix ]

6. Our Father [Instrumental Remix ] 

7. Our God Is Real [Instrumental Remix ] 

8. Rock Of Ages [Instrumental Remix ] 

9. So So Good [Instrumental Remix ] 

10. Where You Are [Instrumental Remix ] 


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