FREE MOVIE: Max Lucado's "The Christmas Candle"

Max Lucado

For a limited time, RevelationMedia is offering Max Lucado's classic film The Christmas Candle for FREE. You can stream the movie HERE. The Christmas Candle is an excellent film to watch with the whole family as you gather for the holidays. This opportunity is only available for a limited time, so be sure to click the link below to watch the film today.

Filmed in a late-1800s setting, The Christmas Candle is visually beautiful. It reveals a story of hope, prayer, and inspiring Christmas miracles. You don't want to miss watching this heart-warming and encouraging movie. Here's a synopsis of the story:

In the fictional village of Gladbury, every twenty-five years an angel visits the candlemaker and bestows a miracle upon whomever lights the Christmas Candle. The whole town believes in the candle except the new pastor, Rev. David Richmond. It is 1890 and the Haddingtons make candles and the town and church use them. It is the Christmas season and the pastor preaches the Advent themes and lights a candle each Sunday. He tries to convince the town folk to believe in God and not candle miracles.

The angel appears and marks a special candle. Who ever lights that candle will receive a miracle. Mrs. Haddington wants to keep the candle for herself to have her son to return and live in Gladbury. The magic candle is misplaced but Bea passes out candles to a boy who can't talk, a woman who wants to find her husband, a blind man and twenty-six other candles to people who all have individual needs. The preacher wants people to pray to God and not seek hope and change in a candle.

Reverend Richmond at his own expense has the church wired with new and modern lightbulbs as a further example for folk to not rely upon candles. At a church service he has the candles extinguished and the lights turned on. It goes terribly wrong. The bulbs explode and a fire is started. A man dies in the ensuing panic. Few parishioners attend next Sunday. Christmas Eve service comes and the candle miracle is to be revealed. Many people think that they had received the blessed candle for Mrs. Haddington passed out many candles and not just one. The boy can talk, a man got a job, a woman's debts were forgiven, a man's beloved cat is saved, the woman is engaged and the blind man could see just before he died. The minister thinks God has answered their prayers.

The Christmas candle has not yet been lit. The Pastor had sent for pregnant Ruth to come to Gladbury. Her wagon has wrecked and when the candle is lighted in the attempt to find her it shines with a preternatural light and she is rescued. It turns out that the Haddington's son is the father of Ruth's child and, in that way, he does indeed return to town. Even the minister's faith in miracles is restored.

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