JJ Heller Imparts Wisdom About "Growing Older"

JJ Heller

Indie music and radio favorite JJ Heller releases her a timely new single "Growing Older" today. As we face another new year, we are confronted with the passing of time and what that does to our bodies. In this new song, Heller helps us deal with agining in a healthy and a Godly way.  

Heller explains, "This is for every woman with wrinkles, scars and stretch marks. You, dear lady, have experienced so much life already with many beautiful moments still to come. As we start a new year, how about we start practicing a new way of thinking about our age?

Here is the truth: There is no need to feel any kind of shame about how old you are. Let's forget about anything "anti-aging" for a minute and think about what a gift it is to hold so many unforgettable memories in your heart.You have danced, cried, loved and lost, and the wisdom you've gained through each of these experiences is hard-won and literally priceless (AND cannot be purchased in a tube or injected at the doctor's office). You inherently have something money cannot buy.

So with this, I celebrate YOU... every gray hair, wrinkle, creaky joint and each pair of reading glasses. Praise God for you and all of the women who are growing older alongside you. We need you now more than ever."

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