Hillsong's Benjamin Hastings Talks About His New Song "The Jesus I Know"

Benjamin Hastings

Benjamin Hastings, known for co-writing some of Hillsong Worship's songs such as "Praise the Name (Anatasis)," "Crowns," "That's the Power" and many others, has drop a brand new single for 2022. Entitled "The Jesus I Know," the song speaks about the what people make of Christianity and what it actually is. 

Hastings talks about the song. "This song is a bit of an open letter to Jesus. It's not making matter of fact statements but rather musings. Just a few of the questions that plague me and I assume some of you (hence it being an open letter rather than the great deal of closed ones I have sent regarding these topics).

When God looks at Christianity today, I wonder which parts make him feel misunderstood? I wonder if the hills we die on are quite different to the one He did? And as easy as it is to point the finger, I wonder if I'm just as much of a problem as the ones I'm pointing at?

Ultimately there is so much more I don't know than that which I do and I know I don't but I pray I always carry myself with that kind of attitude (because people who don't really frustrate me). One of the things I am sure of though, is the great majority of The Church is made up of good people just doing their best and often people forget that when they go down this line of questioning, they get so cynical (which frustrates me an equal amount). I love The Church, in all its forms, shapes and sizes and in our pursuit to know and understand Jesus I only hope conversations like this one, will help us do our best, a little bit better."

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