PragerU Helps Children Honor the Legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. with New "Otto’s Tales" Storybook

Today Is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Just in time for Martin Luther Jr. Day,  PragerU has released their brand new children's book, "Today Is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day", the latest installment in its #1 Amazon Best Selling "Otto's Tales" series. The book aims to help children grasp the foundational lessons taught by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and introduces readers to the inspiring life of the influential civil rights leader. "Today is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day" honors Dr. King's dream of a colorblind nation in which all people are recognized as created equally in God's image.

"In a time when so many of our schools insist that students identify themselves via their differences first, PragerU is proud to honor Dr. King's quest for a colorblind America," said Jill Simonian, Director of Outreach for PragerU Kids. "His example inspires all of us to educate our children about our shared American identity, history, traditions, and values." 

Social media sensation and dad Kory Yeshua narrates the "Storytime: Otto's Tales - Today is MLK, Jr. Day" paired with the story book. In 2021, Yeshua posted a viral video with his daughter in which the pair rejected Critical Race Theory. 

The book is the seventh installment in "Otto's Tales," a series of illustrated children's books that teaches children ages 3 to 8 traditional American values through the rambunctious adventures of young Dennis Prager and his trusty sidekick, Otto the bulldog. Each storybook is paired with an online storytime video featuring Jill Simonian, Director of Outreach for PragerU Kids, Otto the bulldog or a special guest.

More information on PragerU is available here


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