7 Things to Know About Elevation Worship's "Lion"

Elevation Worship

The Multi-GRAMMY® nominated, multi-GMA Dove Award® winning, and Billboard No. 1 charting group Elevation Worship will be releasing their upcoming album, LION.  Here are 7 things to know about the new record.

1. The album will be available worldwide on March 4th.

2. The album's lead single, "Same God" is available now. Co-written by Steven Furtick, Chris Brown, Brandon Lake, and Pat Barrett and featuring Elevation Worship's Jonsal Barrientes, this soaring and powerful ballad speaks to the faithfulness of God. 

3. This is what Elevation Worship has to say about "Same God:" "He is unchanged in His wisdom, His power, His goodness, and His generosity toward us," explains Elevation Worship's Chris Brown. "I hope the song portrays His character and nature in a way that takes people on a journey and reminds people that we're a part of a great cloud of witnesses that have seen this same faithful God make good on His promises to the generations before us, and those to come after."  

4. This is what Chris Brown has to say about the making of the album. "This project was written and recorded at different times over the last year and really covers a broad spectrum of moments captured in our church worship. Some of these songs really surprised us in the writing rooms, which led us to some very special moments in recording them - both in the studio and live in church. The process of making this album has been unlike any other we've had. And I hope every new song touches hearts in a powerful way." 

5. Here's the track listing:

1.   Bye Bye Babylon (feat. Valley Boys)
2.   What I See (feat. Chris Brown)
3.   Same God (feat. Jonsal Barrientes)
4.   LION (feat. Chris Brown & Brandon Lake)
5.   This Is The Kingdom (feat. Pat Barrett)
6.   This Is The Kingdom (Flow) [feat. Pat Barrett]
7.   Dancing (feat. Joe L Barnes & Tiffany Hudson)
8.   Water Is Wild (feat. Chris Brown & Brandon Lake)
9.   Welcome Resurrection (feat. Chris Brown)
10. Forever YHWH (feat. Tiffany Hudson)
11. No One (feat. Chandler Moore)
12. You Really Are (feat. Chandler Moore & Tiffany Hudson)
13. Why (feat. Valley Boys)
14. The One You Love (feat. Chandler Moore)
15. Might Get Loud (feat. Chris Brown, Brandon Lake, & Tiffany Hudson) 

6. Here's the video of "Same God:"

7. Here's the album cover:




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