Lee Strobel's New DocuFilm "The Case for Heaven" Answers Questions About the After-Life

Lee Strobel

New York Times Best-Selling Author  Lee Strobel is turning his latest book into a docufilm The Case for Heaven. The movie is set to debut on the big screens this April, from 4 to 6, for three nights only. The documentary answers the questions of what awaits us after death, the evidence for Heaven and Hell, and what really happens in Near-Death Experiences. 

In The Case for Heaven, director Mani Sandoval takes audiences on a fascinating journey to discover what happens after we die. Lee Strobel explores the evidence for an afterlife as he addresses mankind's biggest fear: death. The documentary includes interviews with world-renowned pastor Francis Chan, best-selling author John Burke, Evangelist Luis Palau, and more.

"The pandemic has a lot of people pondering what happens after people close their eyes for the last time in this world," said Strobel. "This film provides compelling evidence from both inside and outside the Bible to show that we will, indeed, continue to live on."

"Heaven, for billions of people around the world, is an awe-inspiring place only fully known once you're there," says director Mani Sandoval. "In this film, I believe audiences will experience our most ambitious attempt to sonically, emotionally and cinematically touch Heaven - even if it's just for a second." 

Strobel's own near-death experience almost a decade ago prompted him to write a book about life after death for this book.

"My wife found me unconscious. I was taken by ambulance to a hospital. I opened my eyes to an emergency room and the doctor said, you're one step away from a coma, two steps away from dying. And then I fell unconscious again," Strobel told Christian Post.

"I had a condition called hyponatremia, which is a drop in blood sodium level. For a while there, I hovered between life and death until doctors saved me. That was kind of a wake-up call for me. It's a very clarifying experience to be hovering over that border between life and death. And that's kind of the seed that ultimately resulted in this book because, as a Christian, I believe if I died, I would go to Heaven to be with God, but I also have a skeptical nature," he said.

Watch the trailer for THE CASE FOR HEAVEN here. 

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