7 Things to Know About John Berry's "Find My Joy"

John Berry

Country music veteran John Berry will be releasing Find My Joy via Gaither Music Group's Gaither Gospel Series. The album includes 6 of Berry's favorite hymns: Great Is Thy Faithfulness, I Surrender All, Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus, It Is Well With My Soul, How Great Thou Art, and Blessed Assurance. as well as 3 new songs all co-written by the legendary Steve Dorff. 

Here are seven things to know about the record:

1. The album will be released on March 25, 2022

2. Two singles will be released before the album drops. His rendition of the classic "I Surrender All" is available now, and a second track, "How Great Thou Art," will be released March 4. 

3. Berry delivers timeless standards, such as "How Great Thou Art," "Great Is Thy Faithfulness," and "I Surrender All," as well as several new songs on the project. His performance of "Something Bigger Than Me" includes the 60-piece Utah Symphony Orchestra, arranged by Larry Herbstritt and conducted by producer Steve Dorff, with piano from award-winning studio musician and artist Gordon Mote. 

4. The project's title track was written in September 2020 by Dorff and Jack Cassidy. When Dorff played the song for Berry, he immediately connected with the message. He had been through a hard season physically, emotionally and mentally-battling throat cancer and navigating the touring impacts of the pandemic. Hearing and recording the song was part of his journey to find joy again. 

"I love the opportunity I have had to create new music, and it is awesome to look back here at the beginning of a new year and see that for 10, 20, 25 years I have had new music to share. Amazing!" shares Berry.

5. Here's a listen to "I Surrender All:"

6. Here's the track list:

1. Great Is Thy Faithfulness - Traditional arrangement by Steve Dorff / John Berry
2. I Surrender All - Traditional arrangement by Steve Dorff / John Berry
3. Find My Joy - Steve Dorff / Jack Cassidy
4. Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus - Traditional arrangement by Steve Dorff / John Berry
5. It Is Well With My Soul - Traditional arrangement by Steve Dorff / John Berry
6. Something Bigger Than Me - Steve Dorff / Marty Panzer
7. How Great Thou Art - Stuart K. Hine
8. Blessings - Laura Story
9. Blessed Assurance - Traditional arrangement by Steve Dorff / John Berry
10. Live Like You - Steve Dorff / Jack Cassidy 

7. Here's the cover:


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