Exclusive Song Premiere: The Old Paths' "Who Better Than Me"

Old Paths

Southern Gospel music's The Old Paths return with their new full-length release for Sonlite Records, Music To Your Ears,  which be released on March 18. One of the highlights from the new record is the song "Who Better Than Me." The Old Paths have partnered with us to premiere this song today. Click HERE to listen. 

The group's founding member Tim Rackley has this to say about the upbeat "Who Better Than Me," "I loved this song the first time I heard the demo of it. The song is a catchy tune but speaks to the verse in the Bible. John 14:12,Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father. This song should really be a favorite during live concerts!"

"We are so excited for fans to hear this new album," says Steve Ladd. "I believe it's the best we've released since I joined the group. We chose songs that fit each of our personalities, and we feel these songs represent what we want to say as a group in 2022! Roger Talley, the musicians and the engineers absolutely brought this project to life. We are excited about the future, NOT afraid of it! I can't wait to hear the stories of how God uses these songs to touch people's lives." 

The Old Paths are planning to release their reworking of David Crowder's "Good God Almighty," that features tenor Steve Ladd, as they head toward the album's release date. With the help of acclaimed producer Roger Talley, Music To Your Ears invites the listener to approach every one of its selections with fresh ears.

There are classic old numbers like "This Little Light Of Mine," fresh takes on "Over The Next Hill We'll Be Home" (Johnny Cash), "Is He Worthy" (Chris Tomlin) and "That's Why I Pray" (Big & Rich), and a sparkling array of new songs from well-known Southern Gospel writers like Kenna Turner West and Joseph Habedank.

From the charmingly sparse opening of "Let The Rain Wash Your Troubles Away," which features bass singer Daniel Ashmore, to the string-driven title track, led by founding member Tim Rackley, and the soulful "He Bought Me," which features fellow founding member and baritone, Douglas Roark - and even to "This Little Light," which features each member in turn - every song is given a treatment that allows The Old Paths' detailed artistry to shine, and always in service of their devoted faith. 

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