Writer & Producer Alexandra Boylan Offers An Exclusive Look into the New Film "The Greatest Inheritance"

Alexandra Boylan

New family-friendly film The Greatest Inheritance will be available on digital and video on demand on March 25. The film features Jeff Schroeder, Meredith Riley Stewart, Leticia Jimenez, Jaleel White, Cameron Kelly, and Mena Suvari. The Greatest Inheritance examines the question, what is the most important treasure in this life? 

The story revolves around four estranged siblings who embark on the scavenger hunt of a lifetime when they find out their mother's will is hidden on her property. The person who finds the will inherits the estate. Will the DuBose siblings continue to bicker or will their mom's plan to reunite them and focus their attention on their true inheritance in Heaven succeed? 

Through many twists and turns, plus their mom's unexpected "special rules," these siblings are reminded of the hope that guided their mother's life - the great inheritance of the Kingdom of Heaven. 

We are honored to be able to ctach up with the film's writer and producer Alexandra Boylan for this exclusive interview. 

Q: Alexandra, thank you for doing this interview with us. Tell us briefly, what is "The Great Inheritance" about?

A: The Greatest Inheritance is about an estranged family that returns home to bury their mother, but really to get their inheritance. When the siblings all gather at their homestead they soon discover their mother has buried the deed to the estate somewhere on the property and has left them clues and challenges that they have to do together in order to find the deed. As the siblings race against the clock to find their inheritance, they are reminded that their true inheritance is in Heaven and that family is more important than money.

Q: Why was this film so important for you to make?

A: One of my strongest desires as a filmmaker is to bring families together and this movie is the perfect family film. When we pitched this idea around, you wouldn't believe how many people came to us to tell us their stories of losing a loved one and then their family fighting over the inheritance. This story will resonate with so many people and I pray it brings healing to families who have been broken by an argument over who gets one when a parent passes away. I pray that people will see this film and pick up the phone and called a loved one and tell them they love them. Life is so precious and it is fleeting here on earth, and it is so important to value people over money and possessions. We truly cannot take anything with us, but how we treated the one's around us will be our legacy long after we are gone. The Lord calls us to Love one another and my greatest desire is this film will bring people back together and remind them of how important their loved one's are.

Q: What was it like working with Mena Suvari and Jaleel White?

A: Mena and Jeleel were both a pure joy to work with. Very kind people who were gracious to the whole cast and crew. Jaleel went our of his way to sign autographs for the kids in the neighborhood where we were filming. We filmed this movie in July of 2020 at the peak of Covid, which presented a lot of extra challenges for us as producers, and I am so thankful that Mean and Jaleel and the rest of the cast were patient and caring. Mena really loved the script and it resonated with her, I appreciated how much she brought to her character and how much she cared about bringing this story to life. She was a blessing to our movie, and I can't imagine anyone else playing Rachel Dubose. Same for the role of Mr. Shepard that Jaleel stepped into so effortlessly and brought so much human and delightfulness that shines on screen in the film.

Q: What were some other highlights for you in the making of this movie?

A: Working in Columbus GA was a true highlight of this film. The community really rallied around us and helped us bring this beautiful story to life. We filmed the movie on this incredible estate with horses and lots of land, and it was a beautiful place to get to go to every morning. I looked forward to waking up every day and going to the location. I would sit outside by the horses and sip my coffee and pray before the filming began. The location of the movie will be a joy for the audience to experiences. It is gorgeous!

Since we filmed during Covid we had to have a skeleton crew and we all wore many hats, and I was really impressed with how lovely our cast and crew was. Everyone was extra patient and kind with each other and all the things everyone usually complains about on a movie set, no one did on this set because everyone was so thankful to have a job after being out of work for many months. The cast and crew really became a family while making this family film.

Q: What message(s) does this film have to convey to us today?

A: The message of the film is that people are precious and money and possessions are fleeting. There is so much going on in our World, and this film reminds us to love one another, to take that extra moment to be kind and to say you love someone, because we don't know when our final day will come. The Lord tells us not to store up treasure on earth, and I pray that that people will take away that message from this film. Store up friendship, love and kindness, not money or possessions. People are more precious that gold. Family is such a special gift from God, and I pray this movie with strengthen family bonds. I pray this film brings people closer to God and his eternal love for us.

Q: Forgiveness plays a key role in restoring family relationships in this film. What parts of the film do you feel specifically point to the message of God's grace and forgiveness?

A: The Greatest Inheritance does not shy away from questions of unresolved family relationships. The four siblings are brought together for the reading of their mothers will and they each bring unresolved childhood issues home with them. One sibling has struggled with money and borrowed from each of her siblings to try to make ends meet. The character must not only own her pattern of behavior but she also must take some steps to let go of her past resentment so that she can move on. The movie emphasizes facing the truth of the situation and owning your individual part in it. The conclusion of the movie provides an opportunity for the characters to say some of what needs to be said and offers a pathway to forgiveness.

Q: What's next on your agenda?

A: My sister Andrea Boylan and I just completed principle photography on our new teen girl movie entitled "Identity Crisis." We wrote it and produced the film alongside Ben Howard and Erin Miller, Shari Rigby directed it. The movie was shot entirely on campus at Grand Canyon University last month. The film follows a shy science wiz in college who struggles with imposter syndrome and figures out how to clone herself. She sends her clone off to do all the things she is afraid to do, only discover God already created her the perfect version of herself and gave her all the courage she needed, she just needed to try. She learns that is fearfully and wonderfully made.  

For more details on the film and to watch the trailer go to and follow them on Facebook and Instagram @thegreatestinheritance. 


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