Help the Children of War in Ukraine


As Russia continues its ruthless invasion on Ukraine, people all over the world are looking for ways to help. One of the ways we can help is to support an organization like Voices of Children (VOC). VOC is a Ukraine-based aid organization that provides psychological support to children who have witnessed war. It uses art therapy and storytelling to support children's wellbeing, and provides financial support to families who have suffered as a result of war.

"None of a child may be left alone with a war trauma" is VOC's mission. They write, "With your help, we give psychological and psychosocial support to children who suffered as a result of war operations. It helps them to win the consequences of the war and develop themselves.

"We also help families to cope with everyday difficulties, treatment and rehabilitation of children, giving an individual support. To give children a voice we create a video content, and we are also engaged in promoting children rights in order to change the children's rights protection system in the country."

Russian troops continue to bomb Ukrainian cities and villages, deliberately killing civilians and children. Since the beginning of the invasion of the Russian Federation in Ukraine, 38 children have been killed, 71 more children have been injured. 211 schools destroyed and damaged.

Above the children's hospital ohmatdit hit a winged rocket. Doctors continue to operate, make dialysis and keep a patriotic mood.Eight people, including a family, were killed as a result of the shelling by the occupiers during the evacuation from Irpen, were killed by eight adults and two young children. Despite the shelling, about 200 civilians were evacuated from Irpen - 50 children and one injured. 

You can help by becoming a volunteer or through giving to VOC. To find out more, click HERE.








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