FAITHFUL featuring Sarah Kroger, Christa Wells and Tamar Chipp Retell the Story of Esther with "The Detour"

FAITHFUL featuring Sarah Kroger, Christa Wells and Tamar Chipp

FAITHFUL featuring Sarah Kroger, Christa Wells and Tamar Chipp release their brand new single "The Detour." The song was inspired by the biblical story of Elizabeth. The authenticity demonstrated by the writers of "The Detour" as well as its folksy warmth is a touching invitation to us all, whether in pain, need or uncertainty. 

Sarah Kroger shares: "I remember relating to her storyso much... for years my husband and I have struggled to have children and the idea that it's easier to not hope for something rather than to hope for it and be disappointed is relatable.  

"We often hear about the end of Elizabeth's story when her hope was fulfilled. But we forget about all these years of probably dealing with hopelessness and shame and judgement from people around her," Kroger continues. 

FAITHFUL penned a song that draws on the strength of those who have gone before us and reminds us that even though the Lord might not be taking us down the road we want to, in the timing that we want, we are safe to hope. Affirming this powerfully vulnerable narrative, Christa Wells notes that "the real beauty is the process" and that "if we transferred that to life as a metaphor, we would probably enjoy the journey a lot more." 

"The Detour" encourages us to trust the process of God's working in our lives and in return, to become more present to the wonder of what He is doing in us through it. Adorned with soft harmonies and lyrics infused with Life and Hope, "The Detour" is a song that doesn't deny the hardship but reawakens promises and dreams in the middle of it.



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