Hillsong UNITED's TAYA to Release Debut Solo Album


Hillsong UNITED'S TAYA has been working on her solo debut album for the last two years. On May 27, she will be releasing her self-titled album consisting of 14 new tracks. 

TAYA writes, "For the past 2 years I've been working on this, my debut album, self titled intentionally. Some people may know my voice but for the first time ever I get to share with you in my own words and my own melodies, who Jesus is to me. It's an old school 14 track record full of stories about the faithfulness of God, His kingdom, His kindness and His mercy.

"My prayer is that you'd come to know Jesus in a whole new way like I did whilst creating this - He is the God who speaks - may you hear His voice louder than mine.(& y'all know how much I love to belt it out so look out ha)."

Here's the tracklist:

1. In This Place

2. For All My Life

3. All Eyes on You

4. Getaway

5. Lover of My Soul

6. Canticle

7. Mercy

8. Jesus ≥ Everything

9. Carry Me Home

10. Narrow Road

11. Not Ashamed

12. All About Jesus

13. Glory Hallelujah

14. Sorry to Grieve You God

TAYA can be heard on lead vocals on numerous Hillsong Worship and UNITED's songs including the multiple week #1 "Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)," as well as other hits such as "Another in the Fire" and "Touch the Sky." In 2010 she relocated to Sydney to pursue a career in music. Soon after arriving she began volunteering in the youth, young adult and creative ministries at Hillsong Church.

The world first heard Taya's voice in Hillsong UNITED's 'Oceans' and 'Touch The Sky', and from that moment, her voice became an unmistakable clarion call to worship across the world. Taya is most passionate about worship that points people to Jesus and her hope is to lead people to worship more authentically and passionately as they discover more about Him.When she is not travelling or writing music, she can be found pastoring individuals in the creative team, leading and worshipping across the life of Hillsong Church.

She is recently married and shares her passion for life, Jesus, worship and people with her husband Ben.been, and hopefully always will be, sold out to worship.

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