Find Out What Fans Are Saying About Phil Wickham and Chandler Moore's "Worthy Of My Song (Worthy Of It All)"

Phil Wickham

The newly released single "Worthy Of My Song (Worthy Of It All)" featuring Phil Wickham and Chandler Moore is already getting lots of positive feedback from fans. Written by Phil Wickham, David Brymer, Steven Furtick, and Ryan Hall, the song expresses the importance of praise and worship regardless of our circumstances.  

Wickham writes, "I've been overwhelmed by the messages and stories of how this song has lifted heads and hearts in the short 24 hours since we released it... ."

Here are what fans have been saying about the song:

This song came out 24 hours after my teammates and I (we are missionaries in Chile) were robbed at gunpoint. It has been a balm to my heart to hear it and sing it in the days since. Thank you. 

I've cried so much today listening to this song...  

Definitely a song to sit and take in words with. It hits so differently. Love y'all and what you do.

We just sang that song with you in PHX! What a joyful time of worship we had with you all. Thanks for coming to the desert. 

Reminding me that worship is not a feeling but an attitude.

Today is Sunday April 10th. 2022 4:38pm and I've replayed this song 4x already. It has literally spoken to my soul. And I know that no matter whatever it is that I'm struggling with right now, the Creator will always receive my praise and worship, because HE IS WORTHY OF IT ALL 

I haven't even heard the whole song and I screenshot just these parts and will look at them as often as I can at work tomorrow. I am struggling to find who God made me to be, and casting off all the old lies I've lived with since I was a baby. I have cried these past two weeks more at work than I've bet done in my life. It's so hard to pass through fire and remain steady and keep going through the work motions, but THESE WORDS RING OF TRUTH!! I can see how they would bring more encouragement and motivation to those teetering on the edge!    

It is one of the most amazing songs ever that reached into my heart and gave me a glimpse of worship...forever.


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