Lauren Talley Launches Her Solo Career with "Shut Him Up"

lauren talley

Lauren Talley continues to launch into her solo career with the release of her single "Shut Him Up." Written by Joseph Habedank and Jimmy Yeary, "Shut Him Up" announces its perspective on the Resurrection almost before the first word is sung.

Talley announces, "It's a fun twist on a old story, and a throwback to the soul style my longtime fans have enjoyed for years. I haven't had this much fun singing in a long time!" 

As a repetitive guitar figure contrasts with a descending riff to create an almost ominous feeling that underlines the song's contemporary arrangement, Talley begins with the tension between the miracle of Christ's birth despite the efforts of King Herod, before moving quickly to the bold lyric of the chorus:

"They couldn't shut Him up
They couldn't keep Him down
They couldn't stop what He was born to do
They tried to silence Him
By crucifying Him
They tried to seal Him in a cold, dark tomb
But when it was all said and done
They couldn't shut Him up"

A second verse brings the message forward with its focus on the stone that was rolled away from His tomb, while a bridge before the final swelling choruses drives the point home:

"From the stable to the Sermon on the Mount
They couldn't hush Him, couldn't drown Him out."

"I'm excited to begin a new era of music with the release of 'Shut Him Up,'" says Talley. "It's the first single off my first record as a full-time solo artist. Writers Joseph Habedank and Jimmy Yeary put a clever twist on a familiar story, and producer Gordon Mote helped create a fresh sound that I think fans are going to love. I haven't had this much fun singing since my teenage years!"

Listen to "Shut Him Up" HERE


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