Jorge and Kat Vazquez Share About the Heart Behind "Your Story is Not Done"

Jorge and Kat Vazquez

Jorge and Kat Vazquez are the founders of Revolution Media Ministries and the husband/wife team behind The Revolution TV. Together, they have launched the Your Story Is Not Done brand, which comprises of a book, a film series and a podcast. Your Story Is Not Done shares the story of hope. God, the Author, is a master of rewrites and comeback stories. 

He is wanting to rewrite the mistakes of your past, cross out the storylines that have held you back. He is here to turn the page of your story. He will fill your sails again, and take you from the dreamless, dormant places and carry you into the current. You will feel alive again! You will feel free again, stirred with fresh hope to fulfill your purposes.

There is only One who can rewrite the script of our lives. His name is Jesus, and when we allow him to take over, Your Story Is Not Done.

Q: Thanks for doing this interview with us. Let's start with yourselves, tell us a little about yourselves and your ministries.

We are the founders of Revolution Media Ministries and the husband wife team behind The Revolution TV and Your Story Is Not Done film series. Evangelists, authors and TV hosts for over 15 years, the husband and wife team are called to evangelize the lost, energize and equip the body, while empowering the Church to do the same. Passionate, practical and a little bit rock 'n roll they've ministered at youth events, churches and music festivals.

Q: What is the heart behind Your Story is Not Done?

Your Story Is Not Done is a campaign to amplify hope. A book and film series, they share stories of redemption, healing and second chances when Jesus Christ, The Author of our faith takes over. This is a campaign reaching out to the broken and hurting, to share the Hope of Jesus. Currently airing on Prime & ROKU.

Q: Your Story Is Not Done comes as a film series, podcast, and a book. Can you tell us briefly how do the contents differ or are similar in all three forms of media? 

Your Story Is Not Done film series is a building collection of stories about healing and second chances, following individuals who hit rock bottom only to watch the Lord bring beauty from ashes.  The film series was recently nominated for most creative documentary.  

The Backstory Podcast shares your story, to highlight His Story and His hope.  Through the show's "Tell Us Your Story" we showcase brief video submissions, giving platform to anyone who has experienced God's redemption in their story. 

Your Story Is Not Done book, is a practical and encouraging field guide of hope.  A chronicle of how God has woven his storyline through humanity's, the book highlights characters in the Bible--who were very human making very human mistakes, and how God's love reached beyond to bring healing, freedom and ultimately purpose. 

Even though the formats are different, reaching different audiences, the message is the same:  no matter how traumatic, how painful, when we invite Jesus Christ into our real, it changes everything. 

Q: Who are some upcoming guests on the film series? On the podcast?

Your Story Is Not Done series

Film 1: Brian "Head" Welch, band Korn

Film 2: Annie Lobert, human trafficking overcomer

Film 3: Scott McNamara, popstar from UK who had death experience

Film 4: Jonathan Cain, band Journey

Film 5: Ryan Ries, the Whosoevers

Film 6: Anthony Torres, addict, suicidal and in prison until an encounter with Jesus

The Backstory Podcast:

Anthony Torres, Tony Gore, Rhonda Gore, Tommy & Michele Hunter,  Brian Sumner, Scott McNamara, Pastor Jason & Caroline Hitte, Tommy Green

Q: How do you choose your guests? 

Through prayer and Holy Spirit's leading.

Q: How will this series, whether it's the film or podcast or book, help your audience? 

Revelation 12:11 "They overcame by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony..."

Through sharing testimonies of hope via different formats,  we pray viewers and readers awaken to the true character of Who the Author of our Faith is...a loving heavenly Father who is crazy in love with them and waiting for them to lift their gaze to meet invite Him into their real, into their life.

Q: What do you have to say to some of our readers who may feel that their stories have reached a dead end?

 Even when it feels like a dead end, a messy detour or deeply painful abandonment, when we invite Jesus into our real, He does what only He can...the radical, the unconventional, the healing the perspective starts to starts to look like the matter of a page turn.  He can make beauty out of ashes, because He loves you so much and truly is for you.

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