Ryan Ellis Shares the Heart Behind "Gonna Be Alright"

Ryan Ellis

Singer and songwriter Ryan Ellis follows up his well-received single "All My Praise" with his newly released "Gonna Be Alright." Written by Ellis, Ethan Hulse & Ben Cantelon, the song speaks about our need to rest in Jesus' arms especially when we feel the storms raging.

You hear my cry
My deepest pain
You listen patiently as long as it takes
And You whisper truth
Over the lies
The words that bring me back to life

Everything's gonna be alright
Everything's gonna be alright
You hold me in Your arms
Until my storm is gone 

Ellis reveals that the song was birthed some time ago. "This song is one I've sung over myself for years... I wrote a song back on my first album Ryan Ellis live from the Upperroom "everything's alright". When I got the chance to working on my first legit produced project I really wanted to shine up that song and give it a new life."

Teaming up with Ethan Hulse and Ben Cantelon, he began re-writing the song." I brought it into the session and Ethan and Ben heard as I started singing out the tag and everything alright everything's alright just felt like There was so much peace in the room and in my heart took maybe 45 min to write and then I sang the demo in one take bc I had to get on a plane right after that write ... I didn't even think about the song that much after lol.

"And mind you I show cass a lot of songs.. but the season with our son and everything we were in a really rough place. As the song started playing I could see how much it meant to cass.. I had never seen her get emotional during a demo song .. and I started to listen and I started tearing up ... just so crazy that sometimes you don't even know in the moment when your making something you would need in the's hard for me too to keep bringing it back to this place .. and my wife does an amazing job of reminding us we are still healing .. but this album and these songs came from the realest place and will forever remind me of what we've been through .. but mostly what God did...crazy vulnerable and really hard to put your heart and soul into music but I'm thankful for all that gods is doing with it and all I'm learning. Hope you guys have a moment to sit and just let this song speak over you."


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