Katy Weirich Reveals How Her New EP is Autobiographical About Her Struggles and Pain

Katy Weirich

Singer, songwriter, and worship leader, Katy Weirich (pronounced y-rick), will release her debut project, Out of The Blue, on June 17th. Weirich is joined by the multi-Grammy Award-winning Tedd T as producer for the EP, and the music is an inspiring celebration of God's love that combines an autobiographical background of Weirch's life stories. Out of The Blue showcases Weirich's original six songs on the project, with the sixth song being a piano version of "More." 

Q: I have read that you have had struggled with clinical depression and anxiety. When and how you discover you were not well? 

I first discovered that something was off during my first year in college. I was a first semester music major and was starting to experience a lot of vertigo. It was to the point that I was having trouble walking, and after months of trying to chase down a possible inner ear disorder, my diagnosis was confirmed. Once I started having panic attacks, which greatly impacted my quality of life, it ultimately led to simultaneous depressions.

 Q: How did you seek healing? What role does God play in your healing?. 

I sought medical attention and counseling that combined with the support from my family, church, and friends was instrumental in my healing journey. The biggest influence is undeniably God and the power of His word, promises, and truth that helped me to do battle against the many lies that bombarded my mind. He deserves all the praise and glory for getting me through, and sometimes I wonder if I would still be here on this planet if it wasn't for Him guiding and sustaining me-even at times carrying me. 

Of course this is not literally, but in many ways I have experienced coming to the end of myself with Him being right there to pick me up and carry me until I could stand again. The verse in 2 Corinthians 12:9 has since become a core verse for my life, "But he said to me, 'My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.' Therefore I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may rest upon me."

 Q: How did your depression and healing influence the songs on your new EP? 

These songs are very much autobiographical about the struggles and pain, but there is also beauty and hope that I personally experienced in my own sufferings. I think they are applicable to anyone, especially those walking through a valley. This record showcases both lament and praise depending on the song, and sometimes both within the same song. 'Majestic One' and 'Just One' speak to the sovereignty and overall grandness of God, and an overall eternal, big picture mindset which is essential for worshiping God in times of struggle. 

'More' speaks to the intimate connection that the saints have with the Father in times of desperation and soul-anchoring truth of scripture, and that nothing can separate our bond with Jesus. He chose us in Him before the foundation of the world and bought us with His own life which He gave sacrificially. 'Fear Not' is all about remembering that we are not alone and that God's endless love is there to sustain us, and to take out of our hands every single burden that weighs us down.

Finally, 'Blue Jay', not necessarily aimed for corporate worship, tells the story of my recovery after having severe postpartum depression and anxiety. I would see blue jays at very specific times that felt like hugs from the Lord. They were reminders to keep looking up, and overall, encouragement to keep walking, fighting, living and that He was right there with me through it all. 

Q: On this new record, you got to work with the legendary producer Tedd T. What was it like working with him?

I consider it such a blessing that I got to collaborate with Tedd on this project. Tedd's talent as a producer is truly undeniable and that in and of itself was such a treat to witness. What I experienced working with him sets him apart in the way that he invested his own heart into this project.

It could have easily been another job for him, but I experienced the opposite. His kindness, patience, attention to detail and the way he would gently push me towards excellence, whether with further crafting song lyrics or coaching me during a few extra takes in the vocal booth. He wanted these songs, their message and the heart behind them to be just as impactful as I did. You can't get a better producer than that.  

For more information about Katy Weirich and Out of The Blue, visit her website, and on social media at FacebookInstagram and YouTube


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