Matt Maher Goes Personal with "The Lord's Prayer (It's Yours)"

Matt Maher

Today, the multi-award-winning artist and songwriter Matt Maher releases his third new single for 2022. "The Lord's Prayer (It's Yours)" follows the recently released "My Old Friend" and "Leaning." Written by Brian Fowler, Jacob Sooter and Maher, the song puts a fresh spin on the prayer Jesus taught us. 

Maher reveals his thoughts about his latest single. "This song is special to me because of what it references. Words left by Jesus to say - foundational words to base a practice of spirituality on. I generally find myself needing to return to "the basics" of my faith. I tend to overcomplicate things in my heart and in my soul. It's simple. This prayer reminds me of that. I pray it every day with my family, and it always hits my heart in a different way.

"So if you need to go back to the basics, you can join billions of believers in echoing these words in your life and allow them to resonate."

Maher also reveals how he came to write the song with his co-writers. "This song was written a little over a year ago - 75% of it was voice memos and phone calls back and forth with @bryanthefowler - brother you are such a talent and I'm really glad you felt like I would have something to add to this.....The bridge was sung into a microphone the first time i ever sung it out from the ether into this plane of existence." 

"The Lord's Prayer (It's Yours)" which is one of many new songs to be released from Maher this year, will be heard live along with many of his previous hits while he's on the road throughout 2022. With plans to tour Europe with Rend Collective followed by appearing at numerous summer and fall festivals, more tour dates continue to be added, so be sure to visit his tour page for the latest information.     

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