The LeFevre Quartet Are Retiring from Full-Time Ministry

The LeFevre Quartet

The LeFevre Quartet have announced that they will be retiring from full-time ministry. Nevertheless, the quartet will continue their full-time schedule throughout the fall.

Established in 2005, the LeFevre Quartet quickly won the hearts of audiences across the country and eventually garnered their first #1 song, "The Suns Gonna Come Up." This was followed by a chain of consecutive #1 songs including "Between the Prayer and the Answer" and "The 99."  

Mike LeFevre shares, "The decision to retire has not come easy, after much prayer and understanding, we knew it was time to move into a new season of life. This is not a goodbye, I am still going to be involved in the music, co-hosting 'Gospel Music USA' [with Danny Jones and Karen Peck Gooch] and also doing my part with the National Quartet Convention. With this new season, each of the guys have great opportunities in store and they will each be sharing that with you all soon. As for LeFevre Quartet, God knows our future."

Jordan LeFevre states, "I knew with the age of my boys, the time was nearing for me to come home. God called me to sing this music that I love, and he has allowed me to do so for the past 18 years. God has also called me to be a good dad and I believe that for this next season, I need to be home with my wife and boys."

The LeFevre Quartet thanks friends and fans across the country that have supported and prayed for their ministry. Mike LeFevre states, "We have seen souls saved and lives changed through the message in our music. We will forever be grateful." 

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