Nicole Serrano, Former Member of Red Rocks Worship & Vocalist for Chris Tomlin, Says She's a Lesbian

Nicole Serrano

Nicole Serrano, former worship leader and songwriter for Red Rocks Worship, has come out as a lesbian and as a nonbinary, using she/they pronouns. Serrano is a much a sought after vocalists, where she has had contributed her vocals to Christian albums by Chris Tomlin, Tommee Profitt, Passion Worship, Jonathan Thulin among many others. Her music has also been featured on The KardashiansGrey's Anatomy, and The Good Doctor.  

Growing up as a pastor's kid, Serrano grew up attending church. Ever since she was young, Serrano says they dated every beautiful man that crossed her path until finally she couldn't do it anymore. Eventually, the stress caused them debilitating panic attacks from anxiety. They wound up in the emergency room a few times.

According to Advocate, things changed about five years ago. She says she woke up and began going to therapy to help deal with her years of not revealing her true self.

At the time, she worked for a megachurch. "I just slowly started to realize like, OK, there's a lot of holes in this whole like, church thing," Serrano shares. "First of all, who was making the rules? Why are they making the rules? Why did they get to change them?"

"I just started slowly coming out to myself, basically, and realizing this is how I've always been and that there was nothing I could do to like, earn or lose worthiness or love," they say.

Serrano then started coming out to others. She came out to her close friends and her brother. After meeting someone special, she came out more quickly than she'd planned.

"I ended up coming out to some of the staff at the church, and it started this whole thing because I was also like, their poster child as far as like, the music thing. ... But the second I actually showed them who I was, they ended up firing me," Serrano says.





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