Awaken Music's "Move of Heaven" is Full of Spiritual Warfare Anthems

Awaken Music

San Diego-based collective Awaken Music will be releasing their album Move Of Heaven, July 15 via The Fuel Music. Produced by Stephen Blake Kanicka (Kanye West, for KING & COUNTRY) and mixed by David Cook (Chris Tomlin, Shawn Mendes), Move Of Heaven pushes the artistic envelope with a modern pop sonic landscape mixed with spiritual warfare anthems.

"The idea behind Move of Heaven is really to engage with God and believe that He is going to invade earth and affect change for all of us as believers," says Awaken Church Executive Pastor Mike Yeager. "It's a warfare album. We want all of our songs to really encourage people to move toward the front lines of the spiritual battle at hand." 

The album features its lead single "Come What May" and the focus track "Peter," which is a first person account of Peter's interaction with Jesus, his despair in failure and triumph in God's restoration.

Along with the music, Move of Heaven expands on the concept of spiritual battle in its visual components. In addition to releasing stylized performance videos for each song, the album's cover is derived from the painting The battle of Marciano in Val di Chiana by Giorgio Vasari.

Yeager, who has a PHD in structural engineering and spent time in Florence, Italy studying cultural heritage and structural assessments of buildings and monuments before joining the Awaken Music team, shares how in the back of Vasari's original fresco painting, there is a small green flag that says "cerca trova," which means "seek and you shall find." The wall of this painting is rumored to have been placed in front of, with an approximately six inch gap, the unseen painting by Leonardo da Vinci, "The battle of Anghiari."

"Many believe Vasari left a clue to this hidden painting with the flag, alluding to the priceless treasure behind the depiction of battle. The idea of treasure and beauty, waiting just inches past a war, is much like the experience of Christians," Yeager notes. "That's one of the beauties of the Christian life, especially for us at Awaken Church. We talk a lot about 'the battle' and 'the fight,' but the paradox is that the more we're engaged in spiritual warfare, the more we actually find rest."

Here's the tracklisting:

01) Isaiah 52

02) Revive Us

03) By Faith

04) Come What May

05) My Amen

06) Move of Heaven

07) I Am

08) Peter

09) Forever the Same

10) Kings and Priests

11) Babylon

For all the latest Awaken Music news and more, go to: www.awakenmusic.comSpotifyApple Music and Amazon Music.




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